To qualify to apply online for an HSBC Advance Bank Account you need to:

      •   Be over 18 years of age.

      •   Be a UK resident.

      •    You must pay at least £1,750 into your account each month (or a minimum of £10,500 every six months) not including money transferred from any other sole or joint personal accounts(s) you hold with HSBC Bank.  

      •   Agree to internal HSBC checks. The account is subject to status. You must also agree to a full credit reference check. You can read about this in our Guide to Credit Scoring, Credit Reference and Fraud Prevention Agencies (pdf).(Opens in a new window)

      •   Please have the following information at hand before continuing with the application: Your Address for the last 3 years, Employment Details, Total Monthly Income, Total Monthly Expenses.

To start your application, you will need to confirm that you are eligible for this account. You can do this by selecting the tick box below and then selecting 'Continue'.