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Conduct your financial affairs in accordance with Shariah.

At HSBC our goal is to provide a range of Shariah compliant financial services that meet the needs of the UK Muslim community.

We believe that prosperity and financial security can be achieved without any compromise to your deeply held principles. So we're pleased to introduce Amanah, a range of services for those who prefer to conduct their financial affairs in accordance with Shariah. The Amanah range includes the Amanah Bank Account and Amanah Home Finance if you're looking to buy property.

Helping you to meet your day-to-day financial needs without compromising your deeply held principles in accordance with Shariah.

Based on the Diminishing Musharakah method of finance we can help you buy your own home within the framework of Shariah.

Your home is at risk if you do not keep up the required payments and comply with the terms of your HSBC Amanah Home Finance plan.

The Box of Hope.
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