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Whether you're going abroad for a short holiday or you're looking for a more permanent move overseas, our range of international services could give you the guidance and peace of mind that you need

If you're planning to move, or if you've already arrived in the UK from overseas, take a look at how our range of financial services could help you.

Whether emigrating, retiring, studying or working abroad; HSBC can help make your relocation easier. As the world's local bank, we understand your needs and offer a range of international services to meet them.

If you've got plans for an exciting holiday or a trip abroad, choose from our range of travel services, including travel money and insurance.

Whether you're thinking of transferring money overseas, ordering foreign currency or opening foreign currency accounts, we have services catering for your needs.

If you're considering buying a property outside of the UK take a look at our overseas mortgage services.

HSBC offshore bank accounts and investments are designed for expats. They offer potential tax benefits and a convenient base for your money as you move around the world.