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Planning for one of the best days of your life can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. Visiting various potential wedding venues is a great way to visualise your dream backdrop, but at the same time, you must stay grounded and consider the cost. Budgeting efficiently is vital in order to leave room for the smaller things that may have slipped under your radar.

According to, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £27,000 in 2017. To get you started on what you need and the average cost, here's a quick guide on some of the key things to consider.

Wedding Venue - £5,000 - £6,000

£5,000 - £6,000

Do you have the final numbers on your guest list? If so, does the venue have enough capacity? Another thing to consider is how easily accessible is the venue for your guests? If they're coming by car, where can they park? If they're walking, how long is the walk?

Catering - £7,000


This cost depends on the number of guests you have and if you're planning a sit-down meal or a buffet-style dinner. A popular wedding catering trend is the introduction of food trucks. They're relatively cheap, convenient and low maintenance, and they also add a bit of chic-style to the wedding.

Flowers - £1,300


Beautiful flowers add colour and depth to your wedding scenery. It's not just the bouquet of flowers your bridesmaids might carry but think about the table setting, any grand arrangements and decorations, and what the groom will have on his suit.

Wedding photography - £1,600


You'll want to remember your wedding day for years to come with beautiful photography so let the photographer scout the location before the big day.

Transport - £700


Whether it's a horse drawn cart, classic car or a campervan, make sure it fits the theme of your wedding. Make it that extra bit special by requesting a specific champagne when you drive away or a particular dress code for the driver.

Cake - £500


It's not compulsory to commit to a traditional multi-layered cake. Be creative and perhaps provide various types of cake for your guests to choose from.

The dress - £1,000 - £2,000

£1,000 - £2,000

This will probably be the most important dress of your life, and most likely the most expensive. It'll also be the dress you only wear once so it's up to you to weigh up what you're willing to spend. Consider your venue and overall theme of the wedding. A beach wedding is going to require a different style of dress than a formal wedding.

Need help financing your wedding? Take a look at our different types of loans on offer here.
(3.3% APR* Representative for loans between £7,000 and £15,000)

*The rate is subject to change and the representative APR may not be the rate you'll receive. We'll offer you a rate based on our assessment of your personal financial circumstances. The maximum APR you could be offered is 21.9%.

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