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Conservative Sustainable Portfolio

Choose your investment account

Now that you've chosen the investment risk level for your portfolio, you just need to let us know which investment account you'd like to apply for. This is the account that you'll use for your portfolio investments. You can choose to open a stocks & shares ISA or a General Investment Account.

Stocks & shares ISA

Opening an ISA is a tax-efficient way to build your portfolio. You can invest up to £20,000 without paying any UK income tax or capital gains tax.

You can open a stocks & shares ISA if:

  • you don’t already have a stocks & shares ISA for the current tax year (you can still have a cash ISA or another type of ISA)
  • you’ve not exceeded your £20,000 ISA limit for the current tax year

Keep in mind, tax rules can also change and any benefits will depend on your individual circumstances.

General Investment Account

You can open a General Investment account if:

  • you already have another stocks & shares ISA this tax year, or
  • you have exceeded the overall £20,000 ISA limit
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