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Before you apply

Key considerations

Global Investment Centre doesn’t offer any investment advice. This means we don't give advice on trading shares and we are not required to assess the suitability of this product for you. If you’re not sure about investing, please seek financial advice.

Bear in mind that the value of investments and any income they generate, can go down as well as up, meaning you may get back less than what you invest. And investments should be considered as a medium to long-term commitment. This means you should be prepared to hold them for at least 5 years.

You can apply for Global Investment Centre if you’re:

  • an HSBC current and/or savings account customer (excludes Online Bonus Saver and Fixed Rate Saver)
  • a UK resident with a permanent UK residential address
  • aged 18 or over

Please note, accounts cannot be held in joint names. If you’d like to invest with another person, or to make regular contributions rather than investing a lump sum, please call the number below to discuss your options.

This service is available to personal account customers only. Investing via a business account or any other non-personal account is not permitted.

Please read the following documents carefully:

By applying for Global Investment Centre, you agree to be bound by our terms so it is important you understand these documents. If you have any questions, please call us on the number below.

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It only takes a few minutes and your account will be ready to use straight away.

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To buy and manage your funds online, you'll first need to register for online banking. Once you’ve registered, you can then open your Global Investment Centre funds account online.

Apply by phone

If you apply for Global Investment Centre by phone, bear in mind it’ll take longer to complete your application as we’ll need to send documents for you to sign and return by post.

Call us

03456 076180

Textphone: 03457 660 391

Lines are open 08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). All calls are recorded.

It’s easy to get in touch online. Talk to us directly through our chat channels.