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How to look after yourself during exam season

Preparing for exams and working on assignments is a large part of uni life. But when throwing yourself into your studies, it’s easy to put your health and wellbeing on the backburner. 

To help, here are some tips on how you can stay on top of things while also looking after yourself. 

1. Create a revision timetable 

Making a realistic plan of when you’ll revise can help you stay on track. Look at what you need to work on and how many hours you can spend a week revising. By doing this, you’ll be able to set yourself specific times to study certain subjects.

The key thing is to be realistic. It sounds effective to study 18 hours a day, but it’s not possible to stay focused for that amount of time. And it’s likely you’ll have other things going on. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to add in any upcoming events and plan your revision around them. 

2. Remember to exercise 

Step away from the revision marathon for a few hours and get active. Exercise can help reduce stress levels, keep you feeling positive1 and even help you sleep better. You could spend some time working out at the gym, or just go for a walk with a friend to clear your mind.

3. Get plenty of sleep

While late night cramming sessions may seem like a good idea, getting enough sleep is important. Tiredness can lead to difficulty concentrating and coping with stress,2 which won’t help you get the most out of your revision. If you need help drifting off, there are some relaxation techniques and even meditation apps you can use. 

4. Eat healthy food 

After a long day of studying, ordering a pizza may feel like a nice choice, but it’s worth trying to resist temptation by sticking to a healthy diet. Not only will it provide your body with all the nutrients it needs, it may also help your bank balance.

If you’re living in a shared house, why not sit down with your housemates and enjoy a meal together? It’ll give everyone a break from revision and a chance to rest up before hitting the books again.

5. Ask for help

If your exams are stressing you out and impacting your day-to-day life, talk to those close to you. Whether it’s family, friends or a service provided by your uni, there’ll be someone who can help talk you through your concerns. 

What next?

Keeping control of your finances during your end of year exams can help remove any added stress you may have.

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This article provides general information and does not take into account the financial situation of the reader. For this reason, it must not be relied on as financial advice.

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