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Android Fingerprint FAQs

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What is Android Fingerprint and which platform is this available on?

Android Fingerprint is an easier way to log onto your HSBC UK Mobile Banking app, using just your fingerprint instead of your Digital Secure Key password.


Can I use Android Fingerprint to log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app?

To log on using Android Fingerprint you need to have the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app installed on one of the following supported devices:

  • Google Pixel*
  • Google Pixel XL*
  • Google Pixel 2*
  • Google Pixel 2 XL*
  • Samsung Galaxy S6*
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge*
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus*
  • Samsung Galaxy S7*
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 edge*
  • Samsung Galaxy S8*
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 plus*
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8*
  • Samsung Galaxy S9*
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 plus*


*These are trademarks of Google LLC. A list of Google TMs can be found here:


Can I set up Android Fingerprint when I register for HSBC UK Mobile Banking app?

Yes. First, enable Android Fingerprint in your device's Settings and follow the instruction to save your fingerprint. You will need to set up a device passcode, if you have not done this already.

Next, start the mobile banking app and follow the instruction to register for mobile banking. As part of the registration process you will be asked if you want to use Android Fingerprint.

If you delete and reinstall the mobile banking app, you will need to confirm your fingerprint again the next time you log on.


How do I switch to Android Fingerprint when I am using my Digital Secure Key password to log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app?

You can enable Android Fingerprint from the Settings menu in the mobile banking app.

If my fingerprint is not recognised, can I still log on to my account?

Yes. You can still log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app using your Digital Secure Key password. 


Can I use Android Fingerprint to log on if I have other people's fingerprints stored on my device?

When you enable Android Fingerprint log on, any fingerprint stored on your device - now or in the future - can be used to log on to the mobile banking app. You should only enable Android Fingerprint if you are the only person who has registered fingerprints on your device. You can add or remove fingerprints in your device settings.


How can I disable Android Fingerprint?

There are 2 ways to disable Android Fingerprint:

  • Disable Android Fingerprint in the Settings menu of the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app
  • In your device settings, delete all registered fingerprints or delete the device passcode

Enabling Android Fingerprint again in your device settings will also re-enable it for the mobile banking app. 


What if my Android Fingerprint - enabled phone is lost or stolen?

As soon as possible, log on to your Google Account ( and remotely lock or erase your device. 


Will my fingerprint be stored in the app or elsewhere within HSBC?

No. Your fingerprints will not be stored in the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app or kept within HSBC. 


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