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Why ESG Matters

A sustainable global economy starts with individual acts of conscience and responsible citizenship

ESG going mainstream

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) changes are happening faster than ever, reshaping how people live and invest. Understanding how investment portfolios will be impacted by these changes is crucial.


We believe that ESG factors are going increasingly mainstream and can be used to drive investment outperformance. Investment strategies incorporating ESG are growing fast and now account for over a quarter of professionally managed assets globally.


Our series of #WhyESGMatters aims to deliver thought-provoking analysis and highlight why ESG is becoming increasingly important for investors to consider in their investment decisions.

Examples of common ESG issues


Climate change

Natural resources

Pollution and waste

Enviromental opportunities


Human capital

Product liability

Stakeholder opposition

Social opportunities


Corporate governance

Corporate behaviour

ESG drives value

  • 1.Increasing exposure to ESG rarely underperforms the markets

  • 2.Companies with strong ESG metrics are more likely to outperform

  • 3.ESG issues can be financially material and impact share prices