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The HSBC Mobile Banking app for BlackBerry® 10, iPhone®, iPad® and AndroidTM lets you manage your personal accounts easily and securely from your mobile phone.

What you can do:

  • Send and receive payments securely using only a mobile number with Paym
  • View balances and up to 90 recent transactions
  • Make bill payments to existing beneficiaries
  • Transfer funds between your HSBC personal accounts*
  • Read secure messages
  • Apply for a Loyalty Cash ISA

Getting started with Mobile Banking

  • Log on to Online Banking to set up your password for Mobile Banking

  • Download from the App StoreSM, Google Play™ or BlackBerry World™
  • Log on to the app and enjoy!

Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Mobile Banking App Terms and Conditions with effect from 29 September (PDF)

iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Q. Which devices can I use the app on?

A. The app can be used with iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch devices running iOS 6.0 or higher. It can also be used on devices running AndroidTM 2.3 or higher and BlackBerry® 10.

Q. Can I use the app for my HSBC business accounts?

A. No, this app is for your HSBC personal accounts only; if you'd like to manage your business accounts on the go as well, please see our Business Mobile Banking app for more information.

Q. Why can't I use the app on Windows phones?

A. Unfortunately the app won't be available on Windows phones as we've chosen to initially launch on the platforms with the majority market share. We will, however, continue to monitor the devices on which our app will be available.

Q. How do I download the app and how long will it take me?

A. You will need to be online at all times when downloading or using the app.

We recommend that your mobile device is connected to the internet via wifi when you download the app. Downloading when connected to the internet through your mobile network may take longer and incur extra charges from your network provider. The apps can be found at the Apple App StoreSM (for Apple devices), from Google PlayTM (for AndroidTM devices) and from BlackBerry WorldTM (for BlackBerry® 10 devices).

Download speed will depend on the strength of your connection to the internet and the capacity at the app stores. Once downloaded, additional data will be downloaded on your first log on, with a message saying 'updated' which will result in a slow log on time. Subsequent log ons will be quicker.

Q. What do I need to do to set up my log on details for the app?

A. To set up your account details on the app, you'll need to be a registered Online Banking user (please see the question below if you're not a registered PIB user). Click the 'log on to set up password' button on the middle of this page and follow the steps to log on to Online Banking and set up your password for Mobile Banking.

You will then use this password, along with your existing Online Banking username and your memorable question, to log on to the app. Whilst you will still need your Secure Key to log on to Online Banking, you won't need it to log on to the app.

Q. Why do I need to be registered for Online Banking and have a Secure Key to use the app? What if I'm not registered/have a Secure Key problem?

A. Our mobile banking app is a quick and convenient way for our customers to access Online banking. This means that customers won't be able to use the app until they have registered to use Online Banking.

The security of your banking is important to us and we feel the best way to safeguard this is for your password to be set up once you have logged into Online Banking using Secure Key. Once your password for the app has been set up you won't need the Secure Key to log into the app.

Q. Will the app cost anything to download or run?

A. The app is provided free of charge by HSBC. Please be aware that you may be charged to access the app by your network provider as you do need to be connected to the internet to operate it.

Q. How can I find out how to use the app?

A. Our Service Discovery screens provide an introduction to the app for new customers and guidance on updates and new features.

Security and passwords

Q. Why do I need to set up a new password for the app?

A. The login process for the app has been created with our customers' security in mind and a unique password is required to help prevent account details being compromised.

Q. What criteria do I need to follow when creating my password?

A. The password needs to be between 8 and 30 characters and consist of both letters and numbers.

Q. What happens if I forget my app password? Can I change it once it's been created?

A. If you forget your password or want to change it, you can do this by logging on to Online Banking and going to the 'Change my personal security details' section.

Q. Why do I need to reset my memorable question when I reset my password? Can I use the same answer again?

A. As you need to enter your password and memorable answer each time you log in they both need to be reset if you forget or change your password. Your memorable answer will be in response to a pre-defined set of questions and we recommend that this is changed when your password changes.

Q. Will the app lock me out if I get my password wrong? Will this also lock me out of telephone and Online Banking?

A. Yes, the mobile app will be locked after three incorrect attempts and you will need to reset your details using Online Banking and your Secure Key.

You won't be able to access your accounts via Online Banking until your password has been reset. You will still be able to access Telephone Banking.

Q. What happens if I lock myself out of Online Banking or Telephone Banking, can I still access the app?

A. Depending on what information you have locked on Online Banking, when you reset this, you may also be required to update your log on credentials for the app. The app will not be affected if you fail Telephone Banking security.

Q. Can I be confident that Mobile Banking is secure? What if I lose my mobile device?

A. We have ensured that no data about your account is stored on the phone itself. Each time you access the app and enter your security details correctly you will be securely connected to our servers. Always remember to log out when you have finished.

We would also encourage customers to take precautions when using their mobile devices in a public area. The Get Safe Online website** provides guidance on how to protect handheld computers and mobile phones.

If you are worried that your security details have been compromised, or if you have lost your phone, please contact us on 0845 600 2290 to let us know.

Q. Will the app keep on running if I forget to log out or will it time out?

A. The app will time out automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Unlike Online Banking there won't be a pop up message advising that it will time out.

Q. If I share my mobile device, can someone else use the app to log on to their account details?

A. While we don't recommend sharing the app, providing the other person has set up their password correctly then they would be able to log on and access their account details through the app.

Q. What if I change my phone/SIM card/network or tablet? What happens if I uninstall the app?

A. The app will be saved to your mobile device so will not be affected if your SIM card or network changes. If you are changing your mobile device then delete the app from your mobile device and reinstall it on your new device. This will not affect your account or your log on details and your password will remain the same.


Q. What can the app do?

A. Once logged into the app:

The features available on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch, AndroidTM and BlackBerry® 10 are:

  • View all current, savings, loan, mortgage and credit card accounts as you can on Online Banking. You can also check your balance on your Invest Direct account but you will not be able to see individual transactions. Other investments, pensions and insurance products can't be seen
  • Make payments to people or companies you've made payments to previously via Online Banking (i.e. the payment details are already set up on Online Banking)
  • Transfer money between your own accounts
  • View secure messages. Secure messages can't be sent on the app (this needs to be done via Online Banking) but responses can be viewed on the app
  • Send and receive payments securely using only a mobile number with Paym

Features only available on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch and AndroidTM are:

  • Locate ATMs and branches near you

To get access to the latest features please ensure you have the latest version of the app.

Q. Can I use the app for my HSBC business accounts?

A. No, this app is for your HSBC personal accounts only; if you'd like to manage your business accounts on the go as well, please see our Business Mobile Banking app for more information.

Q. Why can't I send payments to people or companies that I've not sent a payment to before?

A. The security of your account is of upmost importance to us and for this reason all new payments need to be set up (and a first payment made) through Online Banking. This then provides the extra protection of Secure Key.

Once a payment has been made in this way then it can subsequently be made using the app. Payments that have been made on the telephone will also need to be made once using Online Banking before you are able to send a payment to the same beneficiary using the app.

Q. Can I amend payment references on the app?

A. The payment reference can be amended for payments to family and friends but not companies (Major Beneficiaries).

Q. I understand other banking apps can do more, why is this?

A. Creating a competitive and multi-functional app is a priority for us and there will be regular updates made to the app to improve it.

Q. Will the balances and information on the app be correct 24/7? Why can't I withdraw money when my balance says I have money in the account?

A. The app can be used 24/7 and account information will be constantly kept up-to-date. There will be occasions when there will be a difference between the balance of your account and the available balance (both of which are shown in the app). This may be due to, for example, a pending debit card payment due to leave the account or a cheque paid into the account that has not yet cleared.

Q. How far back do the statements go? Can I download the statements?

A. You'll be able to see up to the last 90 transactions. For payments prior to this, Online Banking can be used.

Statements can't be downloaded to your mobile device.

Q. Will I be able to see any charges to my account?

A. Charges that have debited your account will be shown on the statement but charges that are pending will not be visible. If you have a Green account, pending charges can be checked by using Online Banking.

Q. I have a business/first direct/M&S Bank account, can I see these account details on the app?

A. The app will only show personal HSBC accounts that are held in the UK.

The Business iApp and first direct apps are available for business/first direct accounts.

Q. I have HSBC accounts in other countries; can I see these on the app?

A. This depends on whether the country in question has released the app. If you have an account in any of these countries, you can use the app to log on by selecting the appropriate country in the top right hand corner of the first screen and using the log on details for that country.

Please note that UK security details (including password) will not allow access to accounts held in another country.

Q. I'm a Premier customer; does the app have Global View?

A. Yes, Global View*** and Global Transfers are now available in the app. Using Global Transfers you can now set up new transfers (excluding recurring and future dated transfers), view your transaction history, view recurring and future dated transfers and cancel them if they are unwanted.

Q. Can I use the app while I'm abroad?

A. The app can be used wherever there is internet access. However, please be sure that use of the app is permitted by local law and remember, network providers may charge higher fees abroad.

*For Mobile Banking app for business customers, please see our Business Mobile Banking app for more information.

**Non-HSBC links may allow you to access other websites. Please read the linked websites' Terms and Conditions. HSBC Bank plc has no control over non-HSBC websites and is not liable for your use of them.

***Please note that Global View is not available in all countries.

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