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Select 3 or more types of cover to build a policy that's right for you.

Home insurance

Combine contents and buildings insurance to get complete coverage for your home.

Get cover for loss of or damage to the contents in your home.

We'll cover whatever it costs to repair your home after loss or damage.

Life insurance

Give your loved ones the financial support they might need if the unexpected happens.

Get financial support for yourself and your loved ones should you unexpectedly fall ill.

Help replace your loss of earnings if you're unable to work due to an accident or injury.

Travel insurance

If you have an existing multi-trip policy with HSBC Travel Insurance, here are your cover details.

If you’re a Premier customer, here are details of the worldwide cover for you and your family.

If you’re an existing HSBC Advance customer with an HSBC Insurance Aspects policy, here are your benefits.

More insurance products

Protect your cat or dog with a great value Pet Insurance policy from M&S Bank, part of the HSBC Group.

See a range of policies designed to offer dedicated protection for your business.