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Direct Debit support

Find out more about Direct Debits and get guidance on the different ways you can set up, amend or cancel them.

What is a Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit can be a good way to make sure your household bills and other regular outgoings are paid on time. 

When arranging a Direct Debit, you agree terms like the payment date and amount with the company  billing you. This gives them permission to automatically take payments from your account on an agreed schedule - for example, each month.

How to set up a Direct Debit

1. Get your details together

You'll need: your name and address, your bank's name and address, your account number and sort code.

2. Fill in the form

This could be online, or you may need to request a physical form from the company. There might also be an option to give your details over the phone.

3. Finalise set-up

The company will arrange the Direct Debit using the details you've provided.

4. Payments begin

The first payment will leave your account on the date you agreed and continue until the Direct Debit is cancelled.

How to amend or cancel a Direct Debit

To amend a Direct Debit, you'll need to contact the company directly.

If you want to cancel a Direct Debit altogether, it's usually quickest to do it in online or mobile banking. You need to cancel at least 2 working days before your next payment is due, otherwise the money may still be taken from your account. Before the final payment date, you should also inform the company to make sure they end the contract. 

Cancel with online banking

1. Log on

Log on to online banking - you'll need your Secure Key.

2. Find your Direct Debit

 Select 'Direct Debits' from the quick links section, choose the relevant account and find the Direct Debit you want to cancel.

3. Select 'More information'

Select the 'More information' icon.

4. Cancel your Direct Debit

Choose 'Cancel' and follow the on-screen instructions.

1. Log on

Log on to the app and select the relevant account.

2. Find your Direct Debit

Choose 'Manage bills' then select the Direct Debit you want to cancel.

3. Cancel your Direct Debit

Select 'Cancel Direct Debit' and 'confirm' to complete the cancellation.

Other ways to cancel

It's usually quickest to cancel a Direct Debit online or in the app, but you can also cancel by phone or in person.

By phone

Call us on on 03457 404 404 with the details of the Direct Debit you want to cancel. We're open between 08:00 and 20:00 every day.

At a branch

If you're cancelling your Direct Debit in person, make sure you have some identification such as a passport or driving licence.
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