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Our Digital Security Promise

We're working to protect you online

As an international bank, we have valuable global insight into online fraud. We detect trends and threats early, allowing us to react swiftly to prevent problems. Wherever you go, we're here to support you and ensure your banking experience is protected.

Digital Security Promise

Safe and sound with our online and mobile banking

Our digital services have two-factor authentication (2FA) to make sure you're the person logging on. We promise we will look to refund any money taken without your authorisation, provided you keep security details safe.1 To safeguard your money, we also continuously monitor your account for unusual activity and may reach out to verify anything suspicious.

Staying updated on the latest security advice is crucial to avoid falling victim to financial crime. Our Fraud & Security Centre has easy-to-follow tips and tools to keep you safe online. Let us know immediately if you notice any suspicious transactions. 

Criminals often try to obtain your security details to access your online accounts. Being informed about the latest scams is the most effective way to protect yourself and stay safe. 


If you've been tricked into authorising a payment, this may be covered by the voluntary guide. It’s not covered by our Digital Security Promise.

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