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Received a text?

Things HSBC might send you

If you've received a text message that looks like it may have come from HSBC, have a look here to see if it really did come from us. Criminals have become very sophisticated in enticing you to click on links or call phone numbers that belong to them. They pretend to be an organisation you trust, like your bank, utility company, internet provider or even the police or HMRC.

We won't contact you from a normal mobile number other than the examples below. You might receive other texts from us, depending on your marketing preferences. If in doubt, don't respond - call us on the normal number on the back of your card. 

Fraud Alert

This is a fraud alert from HSBC. We need you to verify recent transactions. Shortly you will receive a message from +447537438060 with directions on how to respond. We may decline your card until we have a response. Standard network charges apply

Fraud Alert

This is a fraud alert from HSBC. We need you to verify recent transactions. Shortly you will receive a message from +447537438061 with directions on how to respond. We may decline your card until we have a response. Standard network charges apply

Transaction Query

HSBC fraud alert: Possible unauthorized transactions on card ending 1004: 250 GDP 30-Jan 09:56am ABCSTORES; 3000 EU 30-Jan 09:52am 123STORES. If you made all transactions reply Y, otherwise reply N

Request to call

Please urgently call Fraud Prevention on 03456081878 from UK or intl +441470697094 24x7 quoting D1. This is not a marketing text. Do not reply by SMS.

Request to call

Please immediately call Fraud on 03452669337 (intl +441470697107) ref: $$$$$$$$ to discuss payment for £999999.99 on 25/05. Open 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm Sat-Sun. Do not reply by SMS.

Suspicious Login

Someone has logged on to your online banking and is trying to make a payment. Genuine organisations won’t ask you for online security details, to generate codes or to move money; fraudster will. If you’ve been asked , STOP. For advice, visit our Fraud Centre in the help section of our website.

Payment Query

This is a fraud alert from HSBC. To protect our customers we are carefully monitoring transactions for fraud. Shortly you will receive a message from 86101 with directions on how to respond. Please respond by 8pm (GMT) today or your payment will be reversed.

Payment response

HSBC payment Fraud Alert: Possible unauthorized payment, from account ending 0012TD, GBP2500, 28.19.20, 15:38 to S Holmes. If you are sure you wish to make this payment please reply Yes, otherwise reply No and we will call you to discuss further.

Scam alert

The numbers below are the only ones that HSBC's fraud team will ever ask you to call. Any other number you're asked to call will NOT be our fraud team.

03456 031 832 (+44 1126 260 049)

03456 081 878 (+44 1470 697 094)

03456 008 891 (+44 1470 697 005)

03456 008 050 (+44 1470 697 093)

03452 669 337 (+44 1470 697 107)

03456 039 984 (+44 1126 362 224)

03456 052 324 (+44 1226 322 011)

03456 070 269 (+44 1126 260 049)

03456 100 135

03455 873 523

We could also contact you because you might be due a payment. This could be by letter, text message or a phone call.

If you’ve given anyone your personal or security details, please call us immediately using the number on the back of your debit or credit card.

Things a fraudster might send you

Here are some typical fraudster messages. If you receive something like this, please delete the message and do not respond

HSBC: A payment was attempted from a new device. If this was not you, please visit:
Your HSBC account has been disabled, to restore your access please visit this secure link:
ID931: Your Direct Debit RVX FINANCE added successfully. Allow 24 hours to view online. Call HSBC 033004-348-67 if you did not request this.
Your H.SBC card was used on 07-02-2019 12:02:40, at B&Q for £2941.00.If you dont recognise this transaction contact us on 03300245906
From: HSBC PAYMENT TEAM. Your payment to NETGEAR INTERNATIONAL LTD (REP OF IRELAND) has been referred to us for further verification. Date: 14th Nov. 2018 Amount: 6,753.00 Euros Kindly contact us on 03330220537 If NOT made by you.
Please call HSBC fraud team on 03333445352 quoting F365434

Scammers often send fake text messages that look like they’ve come from your bank, or another trusted organisation. Their goal is to get you to reply with your personal or financial information.

Typically, they’ll:

  • encourage you to take urgent action
  • ask you to verify new payees, transactions or devices
  • look similar to real messages. They may show up in the same thread as genuine messages you’ve received from an organisation


If you've received an SMS, you believe is suspicious:



  • click on any links
  • download any attachments
  • reply



  • report the message to us at
  • report the message to your mobile operator by forwarding the message to 7726, free of charge
  • contact us using the number on the back of your card if you want to check whether the message was genuine
  • delete the message


It's easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.