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Using your card outside the UK

Pack your card for your next adventure

Take your HSBC cards with you

Heading somewhere nice this year? You can use your HSBC debit and credit cards easily outside the UK, the same way you would at home.

At a glance

  • Enjoy flexibility and convenience
    You can use your debit or credit card at shops, restaurants and cash machines while you’re away. Fees may apply when using your card outside the UK.
  • Keep track of your holiday spending
    Switch on notifications in mobile banking so you know when money goes in or out of your account.
  • Relax knowing you can freeze your card

    You can freeze it in mobile banking or online banking – and unfreeze it if it turns up again.


*Fees apply when using your card outside the UK. Please see our frequently asked questions for full details.

Going abroad?

You don't need to notify us. Just make sure your contact details are up to date, so we can get in touch if there's an issue.

Top tip – it pays to go local

If you’re using your card outside the UK in shops, bars or restaurants and are given the choice of paying in pounds or local currency, you could consider choosing local currency.

If you choose to pay in local currency, you’ll avoid dynamic currency conversion fees and in most cases will get a better exchange rate.

Frequently asked questions

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