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Privacy notice

How we use your information

Our Privacy Notice

UK data privacy laws require organisations like HSBC UK to provide information to people about the personal data they hold and use. Our Privacy Notice is our way of providing you with this information.

Our Privacy Notice includes information such as explaining why different types of personal data are collected and used, how that data is used and disclosed, and an individual’s rights regarding their data.

Where to find our Privacy Notices

If you're an HSBC UK customer (eg you've applied, or are applying, for one of our products or use our services), you can view the Privacy Notice Overview, or you can view the Privacy Notice full version if you'd like more details.

If you're browsing our website, you can view the Website Privacy Notice here.

You can also view our Mobile App Privacy Notice.

When was our Privacy Notice last updated?

In January 2023, we updated our Privacy Notice to make it a bit easier to understand. Other changes include updating our Facebook section to reflect their name change, and the addition of two new fraud agencies we use: BioCatch and ThreatMetrix.

More information

To find out more about your rights regarding your information, follow the links below to read the guidelines and information published by the Information Commissioner’s Office:

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