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Manage all your card needs online or via the app

Online card payment declined? It may be because the retailer didn't request security checks to help prevent fraud. This can happen even if there are no issues with your account or card. Find out more.

Log on to manage your card

Activate your card, report it lost or stolen, or put a temporary freeze on it.

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Received a new card? Find out what to do next.


Report a lost or stolen card, freeze or unfreeze your card, or order a replacement.


Discover a simple way to spread the cost of your larger purchases.

Banking at your fingertips

The HSBC Mobile Banking app lets you manage your accounts easily and securely at a time and a place that suits you. Discover an ever-growing range of services and features to make banking more convenient for you. Device restrictions apply.

More card support


Find out how you can request an increase to the limit on your HSBC credit card.


Transaction you don’t recognise or dispute with a retailer? Browse our tips or get in touch.


Add your partner, a family member or friend to your credit card account.


Get the most out of your credit or debit card - wherever you are.


Browse options for making payments to your HSBC credit card.


Find out about the measures to help keep you safe from fraud.


Find out how we can work together to keep your cards safe.


Our vertical credit and debit cards are full of helpful features that make them accessible, inclusive and sustainable.


Want to know how long it could take to pay off your credit card? Our calculator can help you see how to clear the balance faster.


Understand more about fees and the interest rates for your HSBC credit card.


Taken out a new balance transfer credit card? Find out how to move your outstanding balances on to it.


Find out how having a second HSBC card could help you manage your different spending needs.

Make the most of your card


Find out how to earn and redeem reward points.

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If you've missed a payment, or think you might, it's important you let us know as soon as possible. We may be able to offer you support and help you better manage your finances.

It's easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.