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Money Management

Guides to help you feel confident managing your day-to-day finances

Managing your everyday spending successfully can give you real peace of mind. Check out these helpful tips, including planning a budget and making good financial decisions.

Get your financial fitness score today

Want to put your financial fitness to the test? Use our financial fitness tool to generate your own score and find out how you compare to others like you. A full breakdown of your score and tips on how you can improve it are all included.

Sorting out your spending


Tips to help you avoid making spending decisions that you’ll later regret.


Get practical advice on how to stay on top of your money by keeping your bills under control.


Set a plan to make managing money easier by breaking your spending down.

Setting up for success


See if the 50-30-20 budget rule could help guide your spending.


These easy-to-follow tips are aimed at helping you save money without feeling like you’re always stretched. 


Find out what your credit score is, as well as when and why it matters

Preparing for the future


Explore the steps you can take to build your financial resilience.


Develop habits to help you feel confident with your finances.


Helping you work out which tools might be best for you

Managing your money

Manage your HSBC UK accounts easily and securely at any time on compatible devices.

See what you can do through online and mobile banking without leaving home.

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