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International services

Whether you’re living, studying or investing abroad, our international banking services help you feel at home wherever you are.

Convert, send or spend multiple currencies around the world, with no HSBC fees.

Bank internationally with HSBC

From seamless digital banking and special offers abroad, to wealth management, tax and relocation guidance, we move with you – whatever your global banking needs are.

Open accounts in over 20 destinations

Open an account pre-departure, or once you arrive. Plus, for certain locations, you can do it all online.

Wherever home is, your bank is too

Manage your global accounts from one place online, and make transfers between them with no HSBC fees.

Settle in with a local credit card

You can apply for a credit card in your new destination.

Value-added global services

Wherever you are in the world, you can access seamless support and professional services that go beyond banking.

Open an account

Apply for a UK account

We can help you open an account, whether you're in the UK or applying from elsewhere.

Open an account outside the UK

Looking to move, work or invest abroad? Find out how to apply for an account in another destination.

Our international services

Discover how we support you globally, from everyday global banking to expert local guidance.
Send money from the UK to over 150 destinations worldwide, with live exchange rates during market opening hours. Fees may apply.
Find out how to apply for a mortgage in the UK, even if you're not a resident.
Heading off on your travels? Find out all you need to know about using your HSBC cards while you're away.
Explore our value-added services, from tax solutions and relocation support to special offers worldwide.
View your global HSBC accounts and move money between them securely with no HSBC fees.
Store, send and receive money in 14 major currencies.
Settle in with a credit card in your new destination to help kickstart your life abroad.
Going on holiday? Order your travel money online and get fee-free delivery to home or a selected HSBC Full and Cash service branch.

Banking in the UK

Check out our guides to living and studying in the UK to make settling in as smooth as possible.
Explore our resources to support you as you start your new life in the UK.
Find out how you can make the most of studying abroad with HSBC.
A seamless way to manage your finances in India from the UK.
Our international account that helps make life easier for expats.

International support

Check out our guides on moving or travelling, and get tips on managing your money in the UK and overseas.
Find out where you can bank internationally with us and how to get in touch.
Find the support you need for your UK accounts.

Making the most of your international journey

Check out our guides on moving or travelling, and get tips on managing your money in the UK and overseas.
Find out why you need these codes for international payments and how to get them.
Find out the benefits of using either your debit or credit card or travel money when you're outside the UK.
Learn about the fees and charges included when you use your debit or credit cards outside the UK.
Got family or friends living in the UK? Discover the key things to know before you send money to the UK.
Check out our essential guide to Spain, whether you’re heading to Madrid or Mallorca.
See 4 key things to do before sending money outside the UK to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.


Any international account is subject to qualifications, status and local country or region laws and regulations.