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Get the best from your current account

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Find out how your HSBC current account can take care of your day-to-day banking needs.

Make your account work for you


Find out how to manage your money using online banking and the HSBC app.


Find out how to activate your card, report a lost or stolen card, or put a temporary block on it.

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A unique offers programme, whether you're at home or away.

Improve your financial fitness

Being comfortable and confident in your finances can boost your wellbeing. From everyday budgeting to managing debt or growing your money, we can help you plan and track your progress.

Fancy giving your feedback on our products and services?

Customer Studio is the online community where we collaborate with you to make banking better. Review prototypes, share ideas, or tell us what you think in a survey or discussion room. Customer Studio is your chance to have your say.

Boost your banking knowledge


Six ways that a current account can simplify your financial life.


Whether it's with a partner, a relative or a friend, a shared account will help you manage joint money more easily.


Find out how to simplify your online and in-store purchases - safely.


Five ways to focus on what really matters to you and avoid that sinking feeling when you check your balance.

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