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Manage your overdraft

Prepare for life's unexpected costs with a range of overdraft information for existing customers.

Everything you need to know to manage your HSBC overdraft

If you already have an HSBC overdraft, and are struggling to pay it off, there's a range of steps you can take to manage your finances. From calculating what your overdraft will cost, to financial fitness tips, find out how to manage your money with us.

Tools to help manage your finances

See how much it could cost you to use your account's personal overdraft facility.
Generate your financial fitness score by answering a few quick questions, with no impact on your credit score.
Help manage your money until payday with our handy bills calendar.
Take control of your spending with help working out where your money goes, and see if you can start saving more.

Other things to help

Frequent use, value and reliance on an overdraft may cause avoidable charges.
Manage your money more easily with our mobile app.
If you're relying on your overdraft regularly and don’t have any savings available, here are some actions you may want to consider.

Manage your existing overdraft

You can ask to increase, decrease or remove your arranged overdraft in our app or by logging on to online banking.

Using the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app all you have to do is:

  1. Log on to the app.
  2. Choose the relevant account that you'd like to manage your overdraft for.
  3.  Select 'View more' in the menu and select ‘Manage arranged overdraft'.
Scan this QR code to launch or download the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app on your device's app store.

Download the app

Scan the QR code or select 'Get the app' and you'll go straight to the app in your app store.

Frequently asked questions

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Prepare for life's unexpected costs with an arranged overdraft.
An overdraft can be a useful way of borrowing money in the short term to cover unexpected costs.
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