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Dispute a transaction

If you recognise a transaction but want to dispute it, you'll find everything you need to know here.

We may send you a text message to update you on the progress of your dispute, so please make sure we have the correct mobile phone number for you. We'll never ask you to click on a link or respond to a text we've sent you about your dispute.

Things to check

Have you contacted the retailer?

If you can identify the business, company or person behind the charge, approach them first. This will give them the chance to resolve the dispute for you. In many cases the retailer can resolve your issue much faster than we can. However, if your attempts have been unsuccessful, please keep a note of any contact (or attempted contact) you made, and what happened. You will need to give us these details to help your claim.

Has the money left your account?

In order for us to help, most transactions have to be fully processed and no longer pending. Any pending transactions will show in the mobile app under ‘pending’ at the top of your transactions screen. We can raise disputes for unrecognised, duplicated or pending transactions that are a different amount to what you agreed to.

When did the transaction take place?

We can help investigate transactions that took place in the last 120 days. In some cases, we can look into older transactions.

How to dispute a transaction

If you have a Global Money transaction that you wish to dispute, contact us through Chat in the app.

If you wish to dispute another type of transaction, our Disputes Help Tool will guide you through the next steps. 

If you’ve contacted or attempted to contact the retailer and have been unable to resolve the issue, our Disputes Help Tool will guide you through the next steps. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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