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How to apply for a mortgage

Applying for a mortgage or remortgaging with us is simple. First, you'll need a 'decision in principle' (sometimes called an 'agreement in principle'), and then you can apply for your mortgage.

Find out how to apply for a mortgage with HSBC

1. Prepare your details

You'll need details of your income, employment and outgoings.

2. Get a decision in principle

This will give you a good idea of the amount you may be able to borrow. It's quick and easy and it won't affect your credit score.

3. Apply for a mortgage

Once you’ve got your decision in principle, you can start your full mortgage application.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Ready to get a decision in principle?

Before you apply, you should make sure that:

  • you're a UK resident
  • you're aged 18 or over
  • you're not looking for a buy-to-let mortgage
  • your income is only received in GBP
  • the mortgage is for your main residence and you're not looking to borrow more for your current property
  • you're not a member of the armed forces
  • your mortgage term is not greater than 35 years
  • you're not purchasing through a government scheme, such as Help to Buy

We'll ask you a few questions about yourself and any other person you want to take out a mortgage with. It takes about 5 minutes, and won't affect your credit score.

If you don't meet all of the criteria, get your decision in principle here.

For buy-to-let mortgage applications find out more.

Or, if you're not a UK resident find out how to apply.

Apply for a mortgage

Once you've got your decision in principle, you can continue to complete your mortgage application.

Apply online

Before you apply online check that:

  • you're comfortable choosing the right mortgage without our advice
  • you understand this means we won't assess the suitability of the mortgage you choose and you won't benefit from the protection provided by the Financial Conduct Authority rules offered through an advised level of service
  • you have your username and password you set up when getting your decision in principle

Apply with a mortgage adviser

You can also choose to apply with a mortgage adviser, by phone or in a branch. We can give advice on the most suitable residential mortgage for you, and guide you through the residential or buy-to-let mortgage process.

Give us a call to book your appointment

0800 169 6333

Our lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00 to 20:00, Saturday and Sunday 09:00 to 17:00. We may monitor and record calls. Opening hours within the mortgage departments may vary.


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