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Discover ways we could help you make your money work harder.

Discover a smart way to invest and track your long-term goals in the app. Investing carries risk – so you could get back less than you invest.
Use our calculator to see how your investment could potentially grow over time and under different market conditions.

We're here to help you start investing from £50..

Remember, investing has its downs as well as ups – and you could get back less than you invest.

Find the right investment for you

We'll help you potentially grow your money with our range of investment options, including funds and a stocks & shares ISA.

Find out how to start investing with a tax-efficient stocks and shares ISA.


The value of tax benefits will depend on your circumstances and tax rules may change in the future.

Choose from our range of ready-made portfolios to start investing, or to build your investment portfolio.

Understand more about investing

Take a look at our latest guides to learn more about investing – from how to get started to the different ways to invest.
Learn the basics of investing to work out whether it could be right for you.
Find out more about how setting long-term financial goals could help you succeed.
Get to grips with risk and learn how it could impact your money.
Discover the causes of market volatility and things you can do to help weather the storm.

More ways to invest

Looking for more choice? Take a look at how you can choose your own investments.

Eligibility criteria and fees apply.

Research, buy, sell and switch investments online with our Global Investment Centre.
InvestDirect is our online share dealing account that puts you in control of your investment decisions.

Looking for some help?

Get personalised advice, or learn how to manage your investments.
Tailor-made advice to help you make financial decisions.
Already investing with HSBC? Learn how to buy, sell and switch your investments, plus get wealth insights.

Explore more

More jargon-free guides to help you make investment decisions.
We look at the different ways you can invest in the index and some alternatives to consider.
If you’re a diligent saver, you may feel you’re financially protected against an uncertain future.
Things to consider if you're thinking about investing in the stock market.
Understand how an investment ISA works and what to consider.
Tips on what to do if you have spare money, such as whether to pay off your mortgage or invest.
Different ways to save, which can help you give your child a head start in life.