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Global Money 

Convert, send or spend multiple currencies around the world, with no HSBC fees.

Access the world with one account

Spend, send and manage your currencies in one place using the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app.

Join the many customers who are benefitting from HSBC UK's best exchange rates, and access to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Spend money at home or abroad using your Global Money debit card, or simply add it to your digital wallet for spending free from HSBC fees. Non-HSBC fees may apply.

Your currency balances are protected up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Available exclusively via the latest version of the HSBC Mobile Banking app.

HSBC UK Global Money Debit card

Here's what you get with a Global Money Account

Send money internationally without any HSBC or intermediary fees

  • Send money abroad via the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app with a Global Money Account with no HSBC or intermediary bank fees
  • Send money free from HSBC fees in more than 50 currencies to 200 countries and regions with Global Money transfers. You can also hold up to 18 currencies securely to use at any time
  • Live exchange rates during market hours so you know exactly how much you're sending
  • Send up to GBP50,000 per day (or currency equivalent)
  • See the estimated arrival time on screen when you send a payment

More than just a travel money card

  • Order your Global Money multi-currency debit card when you apply at no extra cost and add it immediately to your digital wallet. It can be used at home, abroad and online
  • With your Global Money debit card, you can spend or withdraw cash with no HSBC fees. Check for other non-HSBC charges, for example when using cash machines
  • Use your card abroad and spend like a local. We'll debit the payment from your currency balance if funds are available. If not, or if the transaction is in a currency you can't hold a balance in, we'll debit your GBP balance

HSBC UK's best exchange rates

  • Benefit straight away from our competitive live exchange rates
  • You can view these rates in the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app before you convert
  • You can add or convert currency at any time, storing it until you need it. Convert on the go or when the rate is right for you
  • When you're using your card abroad and have the funds in the currency balance you are spending in, there won't be a conversion
  • If there aren't enough funds in the right currency balance, but you have funds in GBP and spend in one of the currencies you can hold with us, the conversion will be done using the HSBC Global Money Exchange Rate. Any other currencies will be converted using the VISA exchange rate

Before you apply

Who can apply

You can apply for an HSBC Global Money Account if you have:

  • an active HSBC UK current account (excluding Basic Bank Account, Amanah, Appointee and MyAccount)
  • a valid email address that's on our records
  • the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app (Global Money is only available via the app)

Find out how to add or update your email address.

You must also read the important documents.

Apply for a Global Money Account

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If you're not yet an HSBC customer with an eligible current account, find out more about our current accounts and how to apply.

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