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Like saving, investing is setting aside money today to use in the future. You’re putting your money into something you believe will go up in value over time. The key difference is there are no guarantees.

If you’re considering investing in a stocks & shares ISA, we’ll show you how.

Why invest?

Savings rates are as low as they’ve ever been. Investing is an alternative way to save for your future that could potentially provide higher long-term growth than leaving your money in a savings account.

The chart shows the return on £100 invested in the HSBC Global Strategy Cautious Fund – the least risky of our range of 5 funds designed for novice investors – as compared to the HSBC Cash ISA. £100 invested on 1 November 2012 when the fund was launched would have been worth £141.51 by 31 October 2020, whereas £100 in a cash ISA would have been worth £101.58.

Remember, investing has its downs as well as ups. Unlike saving, there’s a risk you could get back less than you invest – for example if you invested in January 2020 and sold your investments in April 2020. Also keep in mind that past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.


Graph showing performance of an HSBC investment fund vs a cash ISA since 2012
Sources: Morningstar and HSBC UK. In the fund calculations, dividends were reinvested and ongoing charges and account fees are included.

How much do I need to get started?

With HSBC, you can start from just £50 per month. But before you begin, we recommend you have an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months of living costs. Because that way if life throws you any surprises, you won’t need to dip into your investments.


How long should I invest for?

Investing should be seen as a longer-term strategy. You should plan to set your money aside at least 5 years to give it a better chance to ride out any short-term fluctuations. However, your money is not locked away so you can withdraw it if you need to – without paying any exit fees.

What should I invest in?

Most of the UK customers who invest with us, choose to invest in funds. Funds – like the one shown in the graph – are ready-made baskets of investments that are managed on your behalf. They spread your money across a range of investments which can help to spread your risk. That’s because if one of the investments held in the fund goes down in value, it could potentially be balanced out by others gaining value. You can invest in a fund via a stocks & shares ISA.

How much risk should I take?

Lower risk funds, like the one shown in the graph, aim to achieve a modest and stable return. Whereas higher risk funds offer you higher potential rewards with a bumpier ride. What’s right for you will depend how you feel about uncertainty – and if you’re not sure, you can get our advice. To learn more about risk and return, read is investing worth the risk?


Why invest with HSBC?

Almost 300,000 of our UK customers have now chosen to invest with HSBC.

  • Start with as little as £50 per month

    Investing’s not just for the wealthy. You can invest with advice from just £50 per month – or with a lump sum of £100 if you choose your own investments

  • Be part of something bigger

    Our funds invest across multiple markets. This mix of UK and overseas investments can help to broaden your horizons while spreading your risk.

  • Keep track of your investments

    You can track the value of your investment via your mobile and top it up if you want to via online banking. As your investment fund will be managed for you, that’s all you have to do.

Start investing today

To invest with us, you need to have an HSBC current account. Eligibility criteria and fees apply.

Next, just decide if you're happy making your own decisions or whether you want some advice.

Choose your own fund

Choose your preferred level of risk from a range of 5 global investments: HSBC Global Strategy Portfolios.

  • start investing with a lump sum of £100
  • once you’ve opened your account, set up regular investments from £50 per month
  • total costs vary from 0.53% to 0.65% a year, depending on the fund you choose
  • invest in just a few clicks

Get online advice

We'll recommend if investing's right for you and how much risk you'd be comfortable with.

  • start investing from £50 a month or a £1,000 lump sum – or both
  • pay a one-off advice fee of just 0.5% - only if you choose to invest
  • ongoing costs vary from 0.45% to 0.58% a year, depending on the fund we recommend
  • invest in as little as 25 minutes

If you’re interested in buying shares or would like to browse a wider range of funds, see choose your own investments. And if you’d like to talk to us about investing, see our advice options.

It’s easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.