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Mobile banking

Tap into a smart way of managing your accounts

Banking from the palm of your hand

The HSBC UK Mobile Banking app lets you manage your accounts easily and securely from a time and a place that suits you.  Discover an ever growing range of services and features on the app to make your banking more convenient.

Why use the app?


Get notified when money goes in or out of your account.


Chat with us at a time that’s convenient for you with 24/7 support on mobile chat. 


Pay cheques into your eligible HSBC account worth up to £500 (daily limit of up to £750), so no need to visit a branch.


Keep yourself safe from fraud by confirming online card payments in the app.

Key App Features

Check out some of the key features of our mobile app:

  • Easy transfer and payments

    Move money between your accounts, send money to friends and family and pay bills.

  • Mobile app on multiple devices

    Access the full app on up to 3 devices, adding or removing them at any time.

  • Freeze your card

    You can temporarily freeze your card if you've lost it but think it might turn up. It's easy to unfreeze it once you find it.

For a full list of features, read our guide to banking from home.

Getting started

Digital banking registration

Watch our short video on registering for mobile and online banking.

Download the app

Tap the logo you need or scan the QR code, and it’ll take you straight to the app in your app store.

Security and protection

Our Secure Key gives you added protection when you’re using mobile banking because it generates a code which only you will have access to. You must enter this code as well as your normal username and password.

This is known as two factor authentication.

Find out more about staying safe when banking digitally.

Find out more on how to register for digital banking

When you register for digital banking, you’ll opt out automatically of receiving paper copies of certain statements and documents.

You’re welcome to opt back in to receiving these. Just go to ‘Communication preferences’ in online banking or contact us

Frequently asked questions

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