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Freeze or unfreeze your card

Instantly block your card if you can't find it. If it turns up, you can unblock it and start using it straight away

Freeze or unfreeze your card

If you can’t find your card but you’re not sure it’s been lost or stolen, you can place a temporary block on it.

You can easily unblock it if it turns up. If you still can't find it, report it to us if you think it’s been lost or stolen. You can do this 24 hours a day using the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app or by logging on to online banking.

Mobile banking app

1. Log in to the app

Once logged on, select the account the card belongs to.

2. Manage cards

Choose 'View more' and then 'Manage cards'.

3. Freeze or unfreeze card

Select the slider to freeze or unfreeze the card. The freeze stays in place until you remove it.

Online banking

1.Log on

Once signed in, select the account the card belongs to and then select 'Manage'.

2. Block or unblock card

Choose 'Block or unblock card' from the menu.

3. Select card

Find the card you wish to block or unblock and select 'Block this card' or 'Unblock this card'.

4. Confirm

Confirm the card you wish to block or unblock. All card transactions are blocked until you choose to remove it.

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