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Be sure the people you love, and the things you care about are taken care of with HSBC Insurance.

What are you looking to insure?

Find the cover you need, from home insurance to life insurance.
Choose the level of cover that’s right for your home.
Protect you and your loved ones with a life cover policy.

Make the most of your insurance cover

From home insurance to life insurance  – we've got the latest guides to help you choose.
Find out how critical illness insurance means you know you'll be covered in the event of a diagnosis.
Understand when you may or may not need life cover, to decide when it could be right for you.
If your mortgage application is approved, it's now time to think about what home insurance you might need.
Make sure you know what to cover and check you're not paying for insurance you don't need.
Explore the most common types of insurance to see which ones you might need.

Looking for some help?

I've you've already got insurance with us, find out all you need to make a claim.
Already have insurance with HSBC? Find out how to make a claim or make changes to your policy.
We’ve put together some frequently asked questions about how Covid-19 could affect your travel plans.
If you're an HSBC Advance customer, find out what's covered or how to make a claim with your HSBC Insurance Aspects policy.
If you’re a Premier customer, find out how to make a claim or learn more about your travel cover.
If you already have Select and Cover with us, find out how you can manage your policy or make a claim.

Explore more

More straightforward guides to help you choose the right insurance cover.
Before you decide to cancel an insurance policy, take a look at a few things that are worth considering.
Read our useful checklist to help making a claim as smooth as possible.
From paying annually to increasing your excess, here are some things you can do to save money.
See what's covered by different policies and work out what you may need.
Find out what's covered, from an emergency call-out for a wasp nest to a broken boiler.
Read our simple guide to help you decide whether single or joint life insurance would be better for you.