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Global View and Global Transfers

Access and manage your worldwide HSBC accounts online

Send money between your globally linked accounts

HSBC Global View is a unique service allowing a single view of all your eligible worldwide HSBC accounts from home or outside the UK. You can use this to send money between your globally linked accounts quickly with no fees.

HSBC Global View benefits:

  • Easy and secure

    It is easy to view the balances in your eligible worldwide accounts with a single logon and send money between your globally linked accounts, all on one screen.

  • No fees

    You can send up to 200,000 USD per day (or currency equivalent) with no transfer fee.

  • Quick way to send money

    HSBC Global Transfers is the quickest way to send money between your globally linked accounts. You also have the ability to set up future dated or recurring payments - perfect for regular bills or payments.

  • Exchange rate certainty

    Take control with our real time foreign exchange rates, updated by the second, enabling you to send money when it suits you.

Global View and Transfers

Find out how to set up and access Global View today

Access Global View

HSBC customers registered for online banking

Customers can log on to set up or access Global View.

HSBC customers not registered for online banking

If you are not already registered for online banking, you can do so in just a few clicks and discover the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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