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Online statements

It's time to switch to online

Switch to online statements for a more secure and more convenient way of managing your statements.

Benefits of online statements:

  • Secure and reduces the risk of fraud
  • 24/7 access (subject to planned maintenance periods)
  • Free paper copy available upon request
  • Email notification as soon as they're available
  • No more unnecessary paper

How to switch to online statements

We must hold a valid email address for you to be able to go paperless.

  1. Log on to online banking
  2. Select one of your accounts
  3. Select 'Communication preferences' from the 'Manage' menu
  4. Set all accounts to 'Online-only'

If you are registered for online banking you can also view other documents from the bank via the My Documents section within online banking.

Request a paper copy

To request a paper copy of a statement, you can:

  • Give us a call if you're registered for telephone banking
  • Pop into your nearest branch and ask us to order you a copy 

Please note: Not all correspondence will be available and you'll still receive some letters by post.

Switch to online statements

If you're not registered for online banking, you can register now.

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