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How to get a bank statement online

Your statements, anywhere - 24/7

You can use the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app and Online Banking to monitor your transactions, and to access your statements dating back 6 years.

You can quickly and securely access your statements 24/7, with the ability to view, download, and print your statement. If you’re using Mobile Banking you can even share them too.

Mobile statements

1. Log in to the app

Once logged in, select which account you would like to view a statement for.

2. View more

In the menu, select 'View more' then choose 'View statements'.

3. Download

Select which month's statement you want to view and it will be automatically downloaded as a pdf on your device.

Please note: Mortgage and Personal loan account statements are unavailable via the Mobile app.

Online statements

1. Log on to online banking

Using the Quick Links menu select 'Statements'

2. Account services

Alternatively, at the top of the page hover over 'Account Services', under Documents click on 'Statements.'

3. Statement type

Once the account is selected that you would like to view a statement for, then choose the statement type.

4. Download

Select the year and then the month of the statement you want to view and it will automatically be downloaded as a pdf.

From here you can:

  • view your statement
  • download a statement
  • print a statement
  • or share a statement

(This is useful for times where you may need to prove your address)

Download the app

Switch to digital statements

If you’re receiving paper statements, you can also switch to digital statements by following these steps:

  1. Log on to online banking.
  2. Select 'Statement and My documents preferences' in the quick links section.
  3. Set all accounts to 'Online only'.

When you register for online banking, you’ll automatically be switched to paperless statements.

If you're registered for mobile or online banking you can also view other documents in the 'My documents' section.

Please note that not all correspondence from HSBC will be available online and you'll still receive some letters by post.

Credit card statements

Your statement will list the transactions you’ve made on your credit card within a certain period of time.

Statements show:

  • your statement date
  • an account summary
  • details of transactions you’ve made
  • any interest or charges (if applicable)
  • the payment that’s due on the card and the date payable

You should check your statement as soon as it’s issued, so you’re aware of your minimum payment amount and when it’s due. You can also review all account transactions, fees and charges.

With your HSBC credit card, you’ll get monthly statements and an annual credit card statement.

All annual credit card statements are also now available online.

You can find out more here about your annual statement.

Account summary

This shows your credit limit, interest rate, credits, debits and your opening and closing balances. You’ll be charged if you go over your credit limit.

It also shows your minimum payment and the date when payment is needed. To avoid charges, please make sure we receive at least the minimum payment by this date.

We recommend that you pay more than your minimum payment whenever possible.

You can find out more here about how to make a payment, including how to set up a direct debit payment.

Your transaction details

These let you see exactly when and where you used your card and the amount it was for.

You'll find everything you need to know here if there are any transactions you don’t recognise.

Summary of interest on your statement

Any interest charges will be detailed in this separate summary section, along with your current interest rates.

You can also find out about the interest rates applicable to your account by sending a secure message when logged on to online banking.

Sharing a copy of your statement

If you need a copy of your statement, for example when asked to prove your address, your digital statement is just as valid as the paper version.

You can download Mobile and Online Banking statements as PDFs so you can share them or print them at home.

You can still ask for a one-off printed copy of your statement by using our Chat service in mobile and online banking, where an agent can arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

Alternatively, you can:


Note: if you’ve changed your address details, this will be reflected in your next statement.

Understanding your statement

If you’re not sure about any of the terms or abbreviations that appear on your statement, please read our helpful guide.

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