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Living in the UK

Make the most of your new life in the UK with support from our international services

Bank every day as if you never left home

Moving abroad takes planning, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Once you've got an HSBC current account in the UK and have at least one HSBC account in your home country or region, we'll support your international banking needs, so you can get off to a smooth start.

  • Bank the way you want
    With an HSBC current account, you can manage your money 24/7 online and in mobile banking, set up bill payments and make contactless payments with a debit card.
  • Send money around the world
    Easily send money to over 150 destinations outside the UK online, in a branch or over the phone. Limits and fees apply.1
  • Enjoy banking privileges worldwide
    Get everything you need to manage your money across borders. Plus, if you successfully apply for HSBC Premier, you and your family can enjoy the same privileges in the UK and overseas.
  • Enjoy exclusive offers
    With some of our accounts, you can access worldwide offers and discounts on everything from dining, travel, shopping and more.

Making the most of living in the UK


Get an overview of some of the basics of banking in the UK to help make it easier to manage your money.


Here's a list of some key terms and what they mean to help you when sending money outside the UK.


Get an overview of some of the things to think about before you arrive in the UK, to help make the move smoother.


Discover our tips to make sending money to loved ones outside the UK simple and easy.

Start with an HSBC UK account

If you've just arrived in the UK, compare all our current accounts to find the right one for you. Find out what you'll need to get started and apply online. Financial and other eligibility criteria apply.

Or, check out some of our most popular accounts.


The current account that gives you more, with retail offers and access to our best savings rate.


Unlock the benefits of international banking for you and your family when you open a Premier account.


A straightforward current account, with everything you need to stay on top of your money.

Open an account outside the UK

To get the most of our international services, we can help you open another account in your home country or region - so you can easily manage your money worldwide.

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The small print

1. Send up to £50,000 (or the currency equivalent) online or on mobile, and up to £10,000 (or the currency equivalent) over the phone (£10 million if you're a Premier customer).

It's easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.