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Credit cards for international customers

Moving to a place where you have no credit history? HSBC can help.

Just arrived in the UK and need a credit card?

Your credit history doesn't need to stay behind when you move to a new country. We can help you to use it in your new home. 

How we can help

Keep your credit history wherever you go

If you're new here, you won't have a UK credit history yet. But, with your permission, we can access your credit history in select countries, to help you apply for an HSBC UK credit card. Credit is subject to status.

Make the most of your HSBC relationship

If you’re an HSBC Premier customer, anywhere in the world, we'll make sure your history with us doesn’t get left behind when you move. That way, when it comes to applying for a credit card, your relationship with HSBC will help to get you a limit that's appropriate for you.

Ready to start your UK credit journey? Here are your options

Not an HSBC UK customer?

If you’re not yet an HSBC customer, and you live in the UK, you can apply for a Balance Transfer or Purchase Plus credit card. The maximum limit you could be offered is £1,000. Higher limits are available to HSBC current account customers.

Become an HSBC UK customer

Customers who open an HSBC current account first can then choose from a range of HSBC credit cards.

Not yet in the UK? No problem, you can still open a UK current account from outside the UK or EU.

Already in the UK or EU? Explore our current accounts.

Already an HSBC UK customer?

If you are already an HSBC UK customer and you live in the UK, you can apply for a card right away.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to our full list of Frequently Asked Questions for further guidance.

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