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Credit card limit increase

Find out how to raise your current credit card limit

What is a credit limit increase?

The credit limit is the maximum amount you can borrow on a credit card. Credit card providers set a limit based on what you would ideally like it to be, and how much they think you can afford to borrow.

A credit limit increase is where you can either request, or be automatically given, a higher credit limit on your credit card.

Who can increase my credit limit?

HSBC may offer to increase your credit card limit automatically, based on how responsibly you use your card. An automatic increase means it goes up without you having to do anything.

Alternatively, if HSBC doesn't offer an automatic increase, you can apply for an increase yourself. You'll need to fill in a short application and it will be credit assessed, like other lending applications. This will leave a hard search on your credit records and could affect your credit score.

Who can apply

You can request to increase your credit limit with us if all of the following are true:
  • You hold an HSBC credit card
  • You've had the card for more than 6 months
  • Your limit hasn't been increased in the last 6 months

How to apply

If you’re registered for mobile banking, have the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app, and meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply on the app.

Steps to apply

  1. Log on using biometrics or your Mobile Banking PIN
  2. Select the card you want to request the limit increase for
  3. Tap 'View more'
  4. Go to 'Credit limit increase'
  5. Enter your new limit request and answer the questions
  6. Review the information displayed and select 'Confirm'

Don’t have the app?

Frequently asked questions

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