Credit card security - protection

Online shopping is safer with a credit card and provides additional protection over a debit card.


Using your credit card online means:

  • your purchases are protected
  • your card issuer will help you get your money back, if your seller doesn't deliver your goods or goes bankrupt
  • there are checks to ensure that it is actually you using the card


Remember, you wouldn't hand over a wallet full of your cash to anyone you don't trust, so don't hand over your credit card details.

Protection tips

There is caution to be practised of course, but most credit card scams can be prevented by simply following some simple rules.

  • Never give out your card details in response to unsolicited phone calls or emails
  • If you need to part with your banking information or credit card information for any offers, this should trigger alarm bells
  • Check your bank and credit card statements regularly for suspect transactions
  • Avoid buying on impulse from sites you haven't used before
  • Research your product and supplier, read customer reviews before you buy. Check the company to see if there have been complaints in the past - Google searches can really help here
  • Check the site's address starts with "https"
  • Are VAT and delivery charges included in the final price? This is really important when buying from outside the EU
  • Check your credit report annually. Your credit report contains information and is held by one of three companies: Equifax, Experian and CallCredit. It usually costs £2 and can be done online whilst free tools such as Noddle can be used but come with limitations to the service
  • Sign up with verification services like Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure

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