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Request a Direct Debit refund

Whether it’s an unauthorised payment or an incorrect amount, you can request a Direct Debit refund in your mobile banking app

How to request a Direct Debit refund

If a Direct Debit doesn’t look quite right, you can request a refund in the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app.

Before you begin

You can only request a refund if there's a disagreement about the amounts, dates, or you don't recognise the Direct Debit.

Contact the company first if you have any queries about the Direct Debit instruction.

If you think this Direct Debit is fraudulent, please contact us via the support tab.

Submitting your request

1. Log on

Log on to the HSBC UK Mobile Banking app and select the relevant account in the accounts tab.

2. Find the Direct Debit

Go to 'Manage bills' and select the Direct Debit you want to be refunded.

3. Request Direct Debit refund

Select 'Request a refund'. In the dropdown menu, choose a reason for the refund request and what payments need to be refunded.

4. Submit refund request

Tap 'Continue' and read all the information before submitting your refund request.

Things you should know

What happens after I submit my request?

We’ll aim to credit your refund within 2 working days. If further checks are required, it may take longer.

Requesting a refund won’t cancel the Direct Debit instruction. You can cancel it via ‘Manage bills’.

If the company finds the funds were debited in line with the Direct Debit scheme, we'll reclaim the refund from your account.

We have the right to decline this claim under the Direct Debit scheme if we believe no error has been made.

Get started with your Direct Debit refund

You can request a refund directly in your HSBC UK Mobile Banking app.

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