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Customer forms

Here you will able to access all the most commonly used forms from across our website

Amend personal details

Change your name on your accounts with HSBC


Closing a deceased customer account

Credit Card

Add an additional card holder to your credit card account.

Set up or amend a Direct Debit from your HSBC account.

Quickly and easily cancel the automatic monthly repayments to your HSBC Credit Card.

Set up a Direct Debit from your non-HSBC account.

If you send the Direct Debit mandate via the eForm it will take 24 hours to process. Your Direct Debit will be effective from the date of your next statement, provided that your payment date is not within the next three days.

Savings accounts

A multi-purpose form, including help with reactivating an existing HSBC Loyalty ISA

Transfer a stocks and shares ISA into an existing HSBC Loyalty Cash ISA

Standing orders and Direct Debits

Set up or amend a Direct Debit from your HSBC account

Third party access

Allowing another trusted person to operate your account

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