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Teaching Kids About Money

Understanding the value of money and where it comes from

Discover our wide range of interactive lessons and downloadable worksheets, perfect for children aged 3 to 7. They help children to become familiar with money and the terms we might use when talking about or paying for things.

Learning about money - a Fairer Tale

In Emma Dodd’s Fairer Tales, your children will be taken on a journey to a fantastical land, where they’ll meet some familiar names and faces. As they explore this world, they’ll learn how to earn and spend money wisely, with a little help from Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.

Learning about money at home

Tools to help young people develop an understanding of the decisions that we make around money, our needs and our wants.

Resources for parents and educators

Money Heroes

We know that parents and teachers play a key role in a child’s development. That’s why we support Money Heroes, which aims to teach financial education to children aged 3 to 11, both at home and in the classroom. It offers activities, storybooks and guidance to help develop knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful financial future.

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The scouts association logo

Money Skills Activity Badge

With our support, The Scout Association has created a new Money Skills Activity Badge to help Beaver and Cub Scouts build confidence and an understanding of money – in the Scouts’ uniquely fun, hands-on and supportive way. The new activities and badge are available to over 200,000 Scouts aged 6 to 10, with parents and carers able to get involved at home as well by visiting our Scouts Activity page.

HSBC UK Education Programme

If you are interested in running financial education sessions, you can nominate your school, youth group or charity. The education programme can be tailored to focus on specific age groups and needs so that you can get the most from each session.

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