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Face-to-face financial advice

HSBC Premier Financial Advice – advice to help you thrive

Create a bespoke financial plan for you and your family

If you’re looking for wide-ranging financial advice, meet with one of our qualified financial advisers.

Having a child, changing career, losing a parent, retiring. It’s often key moments in life that make us reconsider our priorities and our financial plans.  Whatever’s happening in your life right now, your Premier Relationship Manager can help you to not just adapt but to thrive.

They'll spend time getting to know your current situation and future ambitions to help you put meaningful plans in place.

Are you eligible?

You can receive HSBC Premier Financial Advice if:

  • you’ve £50,000 or more in savings and investments
  • you’re an HSBC current or savings account customer (excludes Basic Bank Account)
  • you’re at least 18 years old and a UK resident

Not an HSBC customer yet?

Financial advice for today and tomorrow

Tailored to your needs

  • Advice on planning for your children’s future and protecting what’s important to you
  • Guidance on planning your retirement
  • Recommendations on managing, growing and passing on your wealth
  • Our expert advisers will help you create a personalised, actionable plan

Making it work for you

  • Arrange face-to-face meetings with your adviser
  • Appointments available at times that suit you
  • Call us for a no-strings chat to find it out if you could benefit from our advice service

This short video explains some of the terms and phrases you’ll hear during your conversation with your adviser.

What recommendations do we make?

Once we’ve fully understood your situation and requirements, we can make personalised recommendations on many aspects of your financial life – from protecting your family to passing on your wealth.

To help you achieve your objectives, we’ll recommend from a wide range of investment products and protection policies – hand-picked from a limited number of carefully selected providers, including HSBC. 

Your adviser will discuss with you the types of advice we can offer and the products we can recommend before you begin. They'll also explain the areas on which we can’t provide advice, such as tax planning.

Of course, the value of investments and any income they generate can go down as well as up, meaning you may not get back the full amount you invest.

Bear in mind that most investments should be held over the medium to long-term and therefore you should be prepared to commit your money for at least 5 years.

How does it work?

We typically provide financial advice over 2 meetings – although this can be adapted to suit you.

  1. Your initial call 
    The first call will be a friendly, no-strings chat. We’ll simply ask you a few questions about your current situation to find out whether you might benefit from our financial advice. We’ll also outline the process and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Your financial planning review
    Next, we'll arrange a convenient time for you to meet one of our advisers for an in-depth, no-obligation, fee-free discussion about your current circumstances and future ambitions.

    They'll assess your needs in 5 key areas; protecting you and your family, planning for your children’s future, managing and growing your wealth, planning your retirement and passing on your wealth. 

    They'll help you work out the level of investment risk you’re most comfortable with so they can tailor their recommendations to suit your preferences. They’ll also explain the total costs involved for the financial advice.  
  3. Our recommendations
    If you’re happy to proceed, your adviser will then create your bespoke financial planning report, containing tailor-made strategies to help you build the future you’ve imagined for you and your family.
    They’ll arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss their recommendations with you. They’ll talk you through the financial planning report and explain any product-related charges that apply. They’ll also answer any questions you might have about our recommended products, and show you how you can monitor the value of any investments you make online.

What are the costs?

If you want to implement our recommendations, you’ll pay an advice and implementation fee of 2.75% of the amount invested or a minimum charge of £960. 

If you choose not to invest, you’ll pay an advice fee of £420 to cover the cost of generating your personalised report – which of course is yours to keep.

Ways to get in touch

If you have a Premier Relationship Manager, please email or call them directly. Our Premier Relationship Managers are currently only conducting appointments by phone and/or video conference, and can continue to offer full financial advice appointments if you need one.

If you don’t have a relationship manager, you can call us on 03457 456 123 to book an appointment. We’re sorry if it takes a while for us to answer your call – our call centre is extremely busy right now.

Lines are open 08:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). All calls are recorded.

What if you only need investment or protection advice?

Instead of a full review of your finances, you may just need what we call ‘standalone’ investment or protection advice. Standalone advice provides an answer to a straightforward question – such as ‘how can I make my money work harder?’ or ‘how much life insurance do I need?’.

For standalone investment advice, your adviser will recommend from a series of diversified HSBC multi-asset funds. The fee is less than that of a full financial review fee. Please ask your adviser for details.

For standalone protection advice, your adviser will recommend either an HSBC Life Insurance policy or a policy from a limited number of other carefully-selected protection providers. In either case, there’s no advice fee - we receive a small commission from the protection provider of which your adviser will give you full details.

What other ways can you access our investment advice?

We know that some people prefer to do things online or by phone. That’s why we’ve developed 2 other ways of providing you with high-quality investment advice – both of which are fully regulated. 

To find out about getting investment advice online or by phone, read our advice options page

To find out more about the wider industry, including how to seek independent financial advice, you can visit

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It’s easy to get in touch online. Talk to us directly through our chat channels.