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Savings goals in the app

Whatever your plan, creating a goal can help you achieve it.

What is a savings goal?

Whether you are saving for a holiday, home improvements, or thinking of the future, the savings goal feature in the HSBC Mobile Banking app could help you get there. You can create, manage, and track your savings goal from the app.

Before you put a savings goal into the app

The savings goals feature in the app is designed to work with an HSBC savings account. You'll need to have one of these before you start using savings goals:

  • Online Bonus Savings Account
  • Premier Savings
  • Flexible Savings Account
  • Loyalty Cash ISA

And you'll also need the HSBC Mobile Banking app. If you don't already have it, you can download it now.

You can register for digital banking when you download the app. 

Working out how much you'll be able to save

The savings goal calculator can help you decide how much to save and for how long so that you can set an achievable goal.

Ready to set a savings goal?

Once you've got an eligible savings account and the app, you're ready to set a savings goal.

There are two ways to locate the savings goals feature in the app. 

Either select the savings account your want to set a goal on. Then select 'Savings goal'.

Alternatively, select the 'Plan' tab, then select 'Savings goal'.

Step 1: Choose a name for your goal

Personalise your goal with a memorable name.

Step 2: Select a category

Choose the category your goal fits into.

Step 3: Select amount and date

Add in the amount you want to save and the date you want to reach your goal by.

Track your progress or edit your goal

Once you've set up your savings goal you can check the app to see how close you are to reaching it.

You can also:

  • Fund your goal by making deposits at any time
  • Set up a standing order to make regular payments into your account
  • Edit your goal to change its name, end date and the amount you put into it
  • Remove the goal whenever you want to

Frequently asked questions

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