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Online banking is evolving

Thanks to you, we’re making online banking better

We’ve given online banking a makeover

We’ve been listening to our customers about how we can improve online banking to better suit your needs.

We haven't changed the way things work, so you can still log on as normal. But when you do, you’ll find enhanced features and a refreshed look that we hope will make everyday banking tasks like making payments or viewing statements simpler.

And there’s more to come. We’ll be upgrading other online banking features soon, so keep an eye out for changes over the next few months.

Discover what's changed

Starting with statements

We’ve updated the statements section so it’s easier to view and quicker to find what you need. You’ll be able to see your past 6 years of account statements on one page and we’ve made our online banking pages responsive, so they’ll automatically resize to fit your computer, mobile or tablet.

Next up, making payments

We’ve made some changes to how you transfer money between your own accounts online, as well as how you make payments to family and friends or companies. Over the next few weeks you may notice these changes.

If you can’t see these new changes, don’t worry – your online banking will be upgraded shortly.

Here’s some details on what’s changed. 

Whether you’re paying a credit card or utility bill, we’ve prepopulated the bank account details for hundreds of major companies to help make it easier for you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Once logged in, select “Move Money” and choose the account you'd like to pay from

2. Select ‘Using our company look-up’

3. Enter the company name or account details from a list of available payees

4. Select the company and follow the on-screen instructions

In most cases, sending money to companies is instant. However this can vary, so please ensure you check when reviewing your payment details for accurate timescales.

Top tip: If you are paying back your HSBC Credit Card manually every month, consider setting up a direct debit to ensure you don’t miss a payment. For more information, check out our credit card repayments page.

Fraud advice: Stop and check: Scams will pressurise you to make immediate payments. Please be sure this is a genuine request - if someone claiming to be from the police, utility company or similar has asked you to do this, contact them on a trusted telephone number or email address to check.

Remember HSBC will never contact you to ask you to move your money to a “safe” account. For more information about how to protect yourself, please visit our security centre

It’s easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.