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Mortgage payment holidays: next steps

See what your options are as your payment holiday comes to an end

What happens when your payment holiday ends?

Before your payment holiday ends, we’ll send you a letter detailing your new monthly payments and explain your options. You’ll need to wait until you receive this letter before deciding what you want to do.

What if you want to review your new payments

Here are some options that may either:

  • make your new monthly payment easier to manage
  • allow you to reduce your overall balance and the interest you’re charged
  • or allow you to take another payment holiday, as long as it directly follows your current one. This could mean you end up paying more over the term of your loan
If you’re comfortable with your new monthly payment and don’t want to explore one of these options, your regular monthly payments will recommence and you don’t need to do anything.

Financial Conduct Authority guidance (FCA)

Your options

The options below could help you reduce your monthly payments, or reduce your overall balance.

If you’re not currently on a payment holiday but are worried about making your mortgage payment, find out how else we can support you.

If you've already had a payment holiday, you may want to apply for another one. Payment holidays don't reduce your future monthly payments but they do increase your balance.

If you have any questions about a letter you received at the end of your payment holiday, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Reduce your monthly payments

If you feel you won’t be able to begin making payments in 3 months’ time, or need additional support, it’s important to let us know as soon as possible.

Dealing with financial difficulty

Filling in an income and expenditure form can help us understand your current financial position and find the best solution we have available to support you. It’s a series of questions about your income and outgoings (such as salary and mortgage payments or rent) to help us assess your circumstances. The form should only take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Filling in the form out won’t impact your credit file. However, depending on your circumstances, some of the solutions we offer may do. If this is the case, we’ll let you know.

Who needs to fill in an income and expenditure form?

For mortgage repayment support, if you’re a joint account holder, you’ll also need to complete the partner income section of the form. You only need to complete one form between you – rather than one per named account holder. 

Completing the form

You’ll need to give:

  • basic information about yourself
  • your current employment status
  • your current monthly income and expenditure information

Be as precise as you can so we get an accurate view of your current financial position.

If you have a joint debt with another HSBC customer, you’ll also have to provide their income and details of any shared household bills.

If you’re signed up to Open Banking, you can save time by choosing to have information from your bank statements and bills pre-populated. If you use mobile banking, this process is best completed on your mobile phone.

We’ll summarise your income and expenditure information before you submit the form. At this stage you’ll be able to make edits if you wish to change something.

You’ll only need to do this once, even if you hold multiple products with HSBC.


Fill out the income and expenditure form


If you need to speak to us, you can also call one of these numbers:

Mortgages: 0345 850 0633

Credit cards, loans or overdrafts: 0345 850 0622

Lines open:

  • Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00
  • Saturday 08:00 - 16:00

What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll contact you within 2 working days to let you know what options are available to you. Please note: if you need support it’s important to fill out the income and expenditure form as soon as possible. This will give us time to find the right solution for you.

There’s no need to contact us, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to answer your query online. Visit our Help page to find out how.