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Log on changes

We're making it simpler for you to log on and manage your accounts

We're bringing in a new way to log on to mobile and online banking. This will help make managing your accounts simple and secure.

These changes are designed to give you more control over how you access your money.

What's new?

1. A 6-digit PIN

If you use our mobile banking app, we'll ask you to set up a unique 6-digit Digital Secure Key PIN. This is to help avoid confusion with passwords, and will replace your current Digital Secure Key password. If you use fingerprint or face recognition to log on to the app, you still can – but this new PIN will be there as a back-up.

If you currently use a physical Secure Key to access the mobile app, we'll soon ask you to upgrade to a Digital Secure Key. Once you’ve upgraded you’ll no longer use your physical Secure Key.

If you want to keep using your physical Secure Key, you can. However, while you’ll be able to log on to online banking, you won't be able to use our mobile app.

2. Access the full app on multiple devices

Once you've set up your new PIN to access the app, you'll be able to set up the app on 2 other devices. This will mean full access to the app and all its features across up to 3 devices. You can review these devices at any time, adding or removing as you like.

3. A simpler log on

Logging on to online banking will now only need your username and a one-time security code generated using your Secure Key. You'll no longer need to answer a memorable question.​

4. Save time resetting your details

As we've reduced the number of steps to log on, your chances of getting locked out are slim, but even if you do, we've simplified how you reset your details to make it secure, quick and easy to complete. You'll be back up in no time.

As ever, our top priority is to make sure your money and personal data is secure. For more details, check out our Digital Security Promise

Help and support

If you need any help with accessing online or mobile banking, please check out our help tool below before going any further.

Frequently asked questions

Introduction to the changes

Setting up a new Secure Key

Logging on with your Secure Key

Resetting your log on details

Switching or replacing your Secure Key

Managing your devices

Error messages on your physical Secure Key

Updating your contact details

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Our top priority is to make sure your money and personal data is secure. Learn more about our promise to you.


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