Planning a move to a bigger garden or out to the leafy suburbs? Make sure your new greenery doesn't become the root of a bigger problem.

Tree tips:

  • Ask a tree surgeon to check whether trees close to the property could cause subsidence
  • Cut back branches touching buildings to allow 2-3 metres clearance
  • Stop leaves blocking drains by covering downpipes with net or chicken wire



Is your dream home in a flood risk area? Make sure all is not lost. Check whether your new property is in a flood-risk area with the Environment Agency. If it is look out for, or budget for these forms of protection:

Flood tips:

  • Non-return valves on drains, airbrick covers and doorframe covers
  • Pug-points fixed 1.5m above flood level
  • UPVC windows are less easily damaged than wood
  • Cement floors and water-resistant materials like stainless steel, ceramic tiles, plastic or solid wood offer greater protection



Make sure you don't end up paying for a crime in a new area. Here are some ways you can do a drive-by of your new neighbourhood before you buy.

Crime tips:

  • For England and Wales: check out the local crime map
  • Chat to locals about any problems in the area
  • Look for Neighbourhood Watch stickers in your street
  • Take a drive-by at night. How does the neighbourhood look and feel after dark?
  • Ask the local library if there are any local papers that might give you a flavour of your local police priorities


Is your new home on safe ground?

Here are some giveaway signs your potential new structure might be giving way to subsidence:

Structure tips:

  • Clay soils, ex-mining areas and coastal regions are at most risk of subsidence
  • Look out for cracks that are diagonal, and wider at the head than the base
  • Door or windows jamming for no reason
  • Wallpaper tearing with no obvious signs of botched DIY?
  • Tree roots spread up to 3 times the height of the tree. Are there any close to the property?
  • House pre 1940s often have shallower foundations this can add to the subsidence risk

Looking for home insurance?

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