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Investment advice by phone

Talk to our Wealth Advice Centre for a personalised recommendation

Let's talk about ways to make your money work harder

For interactive, tailor-made advice on how to invest, speak to a financial adviser based here in the UK.

They’ll spend time getting to know your situation. They'll help you work out your preferred level of investment risk and, if it’s appropriate, they'll recommend a diversified HSBC multi-asset fund that meets your needs.

From the comfort of your own home

  • A qualified financial adviser will talk you through your investment options over the phone
  • Use your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to view the adviser’s screen and see each step of the process
  • No forms to fill in - if you want to proceed, we'll take care of everything for you


With any investment, there’s a risk you might not get back what you invest. Bear in mind that most investments should be held over the medium to long-term and therefore you should be prepared to commit your money for at least 5 years.

Are you eligible?

You can access investment advice by phone if you’re:

  • thinking of investing £20,000 or more
  • an HSBC current or savings account customer
  • a UK resident
  • at least 18 years old

Not an HSBC customer yet?

What investments do we recommend?

Once we’ve understood your needs and the level of risk that’s right for you, we’ll recommend an investment. It'll be one of a series of HSBC multi-asset funds, administered by HSBC Global Asset Management. These funds are a ready-made basket of investments that invest in a range of different asset classes, geographies and currencies to spread your risk. This is known as diversification.

If you decide to invest, you can check the value of your investment online whenever you want to. Your fund will be monitored, managed and rebalanced by our global team of investment experts, giving you peace of mind that it will stay at your preferred level of risk.

How does it work?

Our qualified advisers make personalised recommendations over the phone. You can view their screen so they can show you information via your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

We typically provide investment advice over a series of 3 phone calls – although this can be adapted to suit you.

  1. Your initial call
    The first call will be a friendly, no-strings chat – we’ll simply ask you a few questions to understand if you might benefit from our investment advice. We’ll also outline the process and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Your investment review
    Next, we'll arrange a follow-up, no-obligation call with a qualified financial adviser who will explore your investment needs in more detail. They’ll ask about your finances and help you work out the level of investment risk that you're most comfortable with. They’ll also explain the total costs involved for the investment advice.
  3. Our recommendations
    If you’re happy to proceed, your adviser will arrange a final call to present your personalised report and take you through their recommendations. They’ll answer any questions you might have, such as how can you access your money if you need to and how can you monitor the value of your investment online.


What does it cost?

If you decide to invest in the recommended fund, you’ll pay an advice and implementation fee of 1.9% of the amount invested or a minimum of £600.

If your adviser takes you through their recommendations and you choose not to invest, you’ll pay an advice fee of £300 to cover the cost of generating your personalised report – which is yours to keep.

After the investment review, if you decide not to proceed, there will be no charge.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in using this service, please email us at and an adviser will be in touch to arrange an introductory call.

What other advice options are available?

As well as protection advice, we also offer a range of investment advice options to help you to make your money work harder. See our advice options page for more details.

To find out more about the wider advice industry, including how to seek independent financial advice, you can visit

Key investment terms explained

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