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What you need to apply for a mortgage

Having the right documents ready during the mortgage application process can help make things run smoothly.

Before you apply for a mortgage, see what supporting documentation you might be asked for.

Proof of name and address

The most common types of accepted ID are a full, valid, UK photocard driving licence or your passport. You can also provide an EEA/Swiss National Identity Card. 

You may also need to provide one or more forms of proof of your current address, such as a recent utility bill or a non HSBC UK credit card statement.

Bank statements

You may need to supply bank statements so the mortgage lender can check things like: 

  • Your monthly income
  • How much you put aside in savings each month
  • Living expenses, including childcare and travel costs
  • Regular subscriptions and insurance policies
  • Debt repayments on existing credit cards or loans
  • Utility bills

Evidence of a mortgage deposit

Your mortgage lender will need to see evidence of any deposit you plan to put towards the cost of the property.

If the funds are a gift from a family member, your solicitor or licensed conveyancer will need to organise a letter that's signed by the donor.

This will need to confirm the deposit is a non-refundable and unconditional gift. It also needs to say that no interest is being claimed on the property.

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Source of income if employed

If you’re employed, your lender will want to see your latest payslip and may ask to see several months’ worth, even if you’re paid weekly or fortnightly. 

If you earn bonuses, commission, or overtime, you must provide a combination of your latest payslips and P60s. The number and combination of these depend on how often you’re paid.

Source of income if self-employed

If you’re self-employed, the documents required will depend on your circumstances. For example, you may need to provide:

  • Tax calculations and tax year overviews for the last 2 or more years
  • Evidence of earnings from the last 2 or more years
  • Certified accounts from the last 2 or more years

Upload your documents online

Some lenders let you upload your documents online, saving you the effort of finding and printing lots of different statements. 

If you apply for an HSBC mortgage, we'll send you a link to our secure document uploader so you can provide your documents to us electronically. It saves you time and helps us make a faster decision.

Applying for an interest-only mortgage

For interest-only mortgages, you're responsible for making arrangements to repay the capital by the end of the mortgage term. So, you need to provide evidence that you can do so.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.