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Money Coaching

Create healthier spending habits and achieve your goals

Make your goals a reality

Ever wish you had a bit more cash to save towards your goals? Whether it’s a home deposit, a holiday or clearing your debts – we want to help you reduce your spending and achieve your savings targets. 


Together with Tully, we’re piloting a tool called Money Coaching, which aims to keep you on track with achievable challenges personalised to you. 

How it works

1. Set your goal

Pick something you want to save towards – big or small.

2. Choose your challenge

Select a challenge, set a time frame and get started.

3. Keep it up!

Complete more challenges and use regular progress updates to build healthy spending habits.

What's involved

Tell Tully a bit about yourself

Set up your Money Coaching account and decide on your financial goals. This will include what you’re saving towards and how much you’d like to save each week or month.

Share your recent transactions

To get your personalised money saving challenges, you’ll need to share your recent transactions using your banking app(s) or online accounts. This will be done using a secure connection and will be verified by your bank. 

Start your journey

Take a look at your suggested challenges and choose one to start working on. Your challenge could be anything from reducing how much you spend on your credit card, or at a particular retailer, to reducing your spend on travel by walking instead of getting the bus.

Share and help others

You’ll be able to share your useful tips with others, as well as receive regular updates on your progress. You’ll get an email each time you complete a challenge letting you know how you did and giving you some inspiration for the next one. Keep in mind, you can check our latest financial fitness guides at any time.

Information about Tully

Built on the OpenWrks Open Banking platform, Money Coaching combines open banking data with AI powered behavioural psychology to help drive long term change in how people think about, manage and make use of their money. 

OpenWrks allows you to share your bank or payment account information securely, so that your spending can be categorised to generate challenges specific to you. 

Openwrks are authorised and regulated by the FCA as an Account Information Services Provider (AISP). 

Looking for something else?

If you'd prefer, you can see our step-by-step guides to help reduce debts and start saving so you can get back in control. If you need immediate help, there are several options including speaking to us or independent money advisers and charities.

It’s easy to get in touch online. Talk to us directly through our chat channels.