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Find out more details on Insurance Aspects.


Insurance Aspects

With HSBC Insurance Aspects, you and your family are automatically covered by our Worldwide Travel Insurance, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and are under 70 years of age.

  • Your partner is covered if they live at home with you in a domestic relationship
  • Your dependent children are also covered if they're accompanying you or your partner and they're under 18 years of age at the start of your trip (under 23 years of age if they're still in full-time education and they live with you outside term time). Children are also covered if they are travelling unaccompanied to visit close relatives abroad and stay with them for the duration of the trip
  • Trips up to 31 days duration are covered as standard but you may be able to upgrade to a maximum of 120 days for an additional fee
  • Trips must begin and end in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Up to 31 days Winter Sports cover is included in any calendar year
  • There is also cover for office-based administrative business trips up to 31 days in any calendar year

Pre-existing medical conditions

You will need to call the HSBC Medical Risk Assessment Helpline on 08000 517 142 before booking your trip if you or any insured person in the last 12 months has been prescribed medication, have received or are awaiting medical treatment, tests or investigations, been referred to a specialist or admitted to hospital for any condition not listed on the accepted conditions list in the Your Health section of the policy booklet. You should also tell us before you travel if there has been any changes to your health or you have been referred to a consultant/specialist or admitted to hospital.

There is no cover for undiagnosed symptoms or any claim where you knew at the time of opening your HSBC Insurance Aspects or booking your trip (whichever is later) that you or your travelling companion may be unable to travel or may need to come home early e.g. illness of a close relative or travel companion.

Pre-existing conditions are not covered at any time under the policy unless listed within the accepted conditions list or have been disclosed to and accepted in writing by the HSBC Medical Risk Assessment Helpline.

Summary of Cover

Below are some of the main features, exclusions and limits which apply to this travel insurance. For full details please see

Your Travel Policy Summary and Policy Document (PDF)

Section What are the main benefits and features? What are the significant or unusual exclusions or limitations? Limit per insured person Excess per insured person, per claim, per trip
Cancelling or coming home early Refund of your own personal and nonrecoverable travel and accommodation costs;


Proportionate refund of your unused and non-recoverable accommodation costs and, where applicable, reasonable costs to return home.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions unless listed as an "Accepted condition" or disclosed to and accepted by us.
  • Any awareness, at the time of booking your trip, of possible reasons that could prevent you from travelling or continuing your trip.
Up to £5,000. £50.
Travel Disruption Travel Delay after Check-in

A benefit if your pre-booked transport is delayed for more than 12 hours on your outward journey from the UK.
  • You must have checked in at the specified time.
£50 for each 12 hours you are delayed up to a maximum of £250. Nil.
Missed Departures

Cover for extra travel and accommodation costs if you miss your pre-booked transport.
  • You cannot claim the benefit for a missed departure if your trip is solely within the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
  • Any claim for a missed departure for a trip which was not prebooked before you left the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.
  • Any claim if you have not left sufficient time to reach your destination.
Up to £1,000 for missed departure. Nil.
Enforced Stay Abroad

Cover if you are unable to return home on your scheduled return date due to airport, port or airspace closure.
  • Any payment if you have not purchased a return ticket or confirmed your return date with your travel provider before the claim arises.
£100 for each full 24 hours that you are unable to return home up to a maximum of £1,500. Nil.
Emergency Medical and Associated Expenses Cover for emergency medical treatment and if necessary repatriation.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions unless listed as an "Accepted condition" or disclosed to and accepted by us.
Up to £10,000,000.

Lower limits apply for some associated expenses.
Accidental Death or Permanent Disability Death, loss of limbs/ sight or permanent total disablement following an accidental injury.
  • Sickness, disease, nervous shock or a naturally occurring condition or degenerative process.
Up to £50,000 (£1,000 death benefit if aged under 16). Nil.
Legal Expenses Cover to pursue a civil claim if you suffer personal injury or death during your trip.
  • Any costs before your claim has been accepted.
Up to £50,000. Nil.
Personal Liability Cover for your legal liability if you cause accidental injury or death to third parties, or damage to their property.
  • Claims arising from your job or the use of animals, firearms, motorised vehicles, vessels or aircraft.
Up to £2,000,000. £50 damage to temporary holiday accommodation.
Your Possessions Delayed Baggage

A benefit to replace temporarily lost essential items.
  • Any incident not reported to the police as soon as reasonably possible following discovery of the loss or theft.
  • Money or valuables not carried in your hand baggage whilst you are in transit.
  • Theft claims from locked property or motor vehicles when there is no evidence of forcible and violent entry.
  • Theft claims from unattended motor vehicles unless your belongings are left out of view.
Up to £150 for delayed baggage. Nil.
Baggage and personal money

Cover for loss, theft or damage of your baggage, personal money or travel documents.
Up to £1,500 for baggage
Up to £400 for any individual item
Up to £500 for personal money.
£50 baggage and personal money.
Emergency Travel Documents

Cover for the cost of an emergency passport or visa and travel and accommodation costs if you cannot use your return ticket.
Up to £750 emergency travel document expenses. Nil.
Winter Sports Cover Cover for loss, theft or damage to winter sports equipment. Also covers additional benefits for delays due to avalanche, ski pack, piste closure or injury or illness.
  • Winter sports equipment left in a motor vehicle.
  • Damage to hired winter sports equipment while being used.
  • Theft claims from locked property when there is no evidence of forcible or violent entry.
Up to £500 equipment.
Up to £200 avalanche delay.
Up to £300 piste closure.
Up to £500 ski pack.
£50 for equipment.

As an HSBC Insurance Aspects holder you're covered as a driver or passenger of any eligible vehicle for breakdowns which occur at your home address or on the road in the UK.

Details of the benefits and exclusions are below, we recommend you review the policy details in full, which are available
here (PDF)

Overview of cover

  • The vehicle you are travelling in must be insured, taxed and have a valid MOT in order for us to attend
  • You are covered for towing a caravan or trailer provided your vehicle is immobilised due to a covered breakdown/immobilisation and as long as the caravan or trailer is no longer than 7.0 metres in length, 3.0 metres in height or 2.25 metres in width. This is in addition to your vehicle being no greater than 5.5 metres in length, 3,500 kgs in weight, 3.0 metres in height and 2.3 metres in width. We will arrange for your caravan or trailer to be taken to a suitable location of our choosing
  • Home Start comes as standard which covers breakdowns that occur at your home address as well as on the road within the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • Cover is personal to the HSBC Insurance Aspects holder so whether you drive or not, you are covered as a passenger in any eligible vehicle. Please remember that the HSBC Insurance Aspects holder must be with the vehicle when the incident occurred, when the call is placed and when assistance arrives otherwise assistance may not be provided
  • If the vehicle you are travelling in breaks down, we will attend the vehicle in order to effect repairs, or if this is not possible, provide a vehicle recovery
  • If we are unable to arrange a repair at the roadside, or repairs will take longer than 30 minutes, recovery will be arranged to take your vehicle to a local repairer. Where repair cannot be made at the roadside or at a local repairer within 4 hours we will organise a national recovery
  • If the vehicle is taken to a local repairer, you will be reimbursed a taxi fare up to 10 miles from the breakdown (receipts must be obtained)
  • Up to 5 call outs per year are covered

What's not covered?

  • Claims where your vehicle is damaged or immobilised as a result of an accident
  • The cost of labour and/or parts at any garage to which the vehicle is taken
  • Claims where your vehicle is being used for commercial or business purposes or is a motorcycle
  • Missing or broken keys. We will try to provide the details of a locksmith but you will have to pay for this service
  • Where we have had to deliver your caravan to an alternative site, we will not be liable for any goods, possessions or livestock being transported at the same time
  • Replacing tyres or windows

Upgrade options

If you wish, you can enhance the cover you get as standard by upgrading your policy to include onward travel or a European option. These Breakdown Assistance upgrades start at £80 per year. For full details of the options available and eligibility requirements, please click here.

Eligibility and overview of cover

As an HSBC Insurance Aspects holder your mobile phone is covered against loss, theft or accidental damage up to a claim limit of £1,000 less a £50 excess.

Details of the benefits and exclusions are below, we recommend you review your policy details in full, which are available
here (PDF)


  • Worldwide coverage
  • Theft, loss and accidental damage cover
  • Unauthorised use cover if your phone is lost or stolen
  • If required, a temporary phone with basic call/sms messaging can be provided while your phone is being repaired
  • For loss or theft claims your mobile phone will be replaced where possible with an identical model or alternatively a similar specification up to the value of £1,000

Exclusions and conditions:

  • The policy has an excess of £50 per claim, subject to two claims per policy year per HSBC Insurance Aspects holder
  • Customers will be asked for proof of purchase or ownership when making a claim
  • Theft from an occupied or secured building unless the property was entered unlawfully
  • Theft of a mobile phone while it was knowingly left on display
  • Theft of a mobile phone while it was knowingly left on display in an unlocked motor vehicle
  • Damage that does not stop the phone from working normally
  • The cost of replacing or reinstating data
  • Claims for theft will need to be supported by a crime reference report or number
  • We will not provide a temporary phone whilst you are abroad
Cover Included Maximum Limit for a single claim
(subject to excess)
Excess Applicable
Accidental Damage Your mobile phone stops working normally as the result of an accident (including a cracked screen and liquid damage) or a deliberate act by someone other than you £1,000 £50
Loss The disappearance of your mobile phone (or parts of your mobile phone) in circumstances that do not involve theft and you are unable to recover it £1,000 £50
Theft Your mobile phone being taken unlawfully from you or anyone temporarily holding or storing it for you £1,000 £50
Unauthorised Use - Monthly Contract A claim for unauthorised use can only be made at the same time as a claim for loss or theft. The limit shown is in addition to the amount for the mobile phone £1,500 N/A
Unauthorised Use - Pay as You Go A claim for unauthorised use can only be made at the same time as a claim for loss or theft. The limit shown is in addition to the amount for the mobile phone £150 N/A

Please refer to policy Terms and Conditions for full details and further information.

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