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Money management tips

Keeping track of your money is easier if you have a routine. Once you organise your finances and work out a budget, it becomes much simpler to keep track of your cash. These ideas can help you get things set up.

When you have a routine for checking your accounts and paying bills, and are aware of what else you've spent, it's much easier to stay in control of your finances.

Tips for keeping track of your cash

Set aside time each week

Keeping track of your money is easier if you have a routine - say, half an hour every Saturday morning spent checking your finances.

Use direct debits

Many companies will give you a discount if you pay bills by direct debit and using direct debits means you needn't worry about forgetting to pay.

Check your account regularly

Check your account regularly to be sure you have enough to cover any payments. If you need some financial flexibility, you might want to make use of your overdraft (if you have agreed one with us). We can send out text alerts when you're nearing your overdraft limit.

Note down your spending

This helps you work out where your money is going. You might use a spreadsheet on your computer, or you could use an app on your mobile phone - that way you'll have it handy whenever you make a purchase.

Check you're not overspending

A quick way to get an idea of your incomings and outgoings is to compare your current balance with the same date the previous month. And if you're relying on an overdraft or credit, it's probably time to economise.

Pay all your bills on the same day

If you know that most of your direct debits are set up to pay on the same date it's easier to budget for the rest of the month.


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