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Personalise your payment limits

Set payment limits that suit you

How personalising your payment limits can help you

A payment limit is the maximum amount of money you can transfer out of your account each day. You can personalise your payment limits in the HSBC Mobile Banking app.

Setting a payment limit gives you more control over your account, and helps protect you against scams and fraud.

Personalised limits are only available when sending money to UK personal accounts via online or mobile banking. Payments to companies are limited to £25,000 and can't be changed.

How to change your personal payment limits

You can personalise your payment limits in the HSBC Mobile Banking app. These limits will apply when you transfer money through online and mobile banking to friends and family.  

Whether you want to reduce or increase your payment limit, here's how to set the limit that suits you.

1. Log on to mobile banking

In the app, select 'Pay & Transfer', then 'Manage payment limit'.

2. Select your account

Select the account you want to manage your personal payment limit for.

3. Enter payment limit

Enter the payment limit you'd like for the chosen account. Then, select 'Change limit'.

4. Confirmation

You'll get confirmation that your limit has been updated.

Don't have the app yet?

Scan the QR code or select the button to download the app to your mobile phone or tablet.

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